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Lol well it looks like there are 2 updates tonight!!! I have a special part in here kekeke. idk it took a turn ;)
Yoongi's view. After leaving Keri's house that morning I went for my run meeting up with the guys. Of course they Gave me a hard time that I never came back. I had spent the night and now the Inquisition was on. "So did someone get lucky?" Jimin asked first with a teasing smile. "Yes? She take you in and take your worry away?" Hobi asked. "Ooo naughty naughty" Jin chuckled. "Just use protection!' Namjoon shot out. "No guys it wasn't like that" I tried to say every time a comment along that line was said. By the end of the run I was sweating more from talking then from the exercise. That morning I practiced with the guys a bit then went of to write lyrics that were going around in my head. I wasn't sure why I had all these doubts in my head and I wanted them out of me. So I took paper and pen and wrote them all out to get them put of me. I was in the middle of writing when there was a knock at the door. With a harsh sigh I got up and turned in my seat as the door opened. "Yoongi! I brought you something!" Tae said excitedly. Behind Tae was Keri. I smile broke across my face. "Or should I say someone" Tae corrected. "Hi Yoongi" Keri said popping her head around Tae. "Keri! What are you doing here?" I asked getting up. "I just wanted to pop by and see you" she said as she came around Tae. Tae wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side. "What are you working on?" Keri asked me. I looked back at the papers then turned back. "Just on some random things. Tae you can let go of my girlfriend" I said giving him a look. "But but I want her as my best friend" Tae pouted. "Kooki is your best friend. Go find kooki" I told him. "Its okay Tae Tae. We'll pick a day to hang out together, but for now can I have some time with yoongi? Alone?" Keri gave Tae a look. He stared, he sighed and nodded. "I'm holding you too that" he pointed at her and then let go and left the room. Keri made sure to close the door after him. Keri turned back and smiled at me. "Is there a reason you just locked the door?" I asked curiously as I heard the lock click. "Hmm I didn't want Tae coming back in" she smiled sweetly at me. Oh that look, I moved in my seat as she approached me. "I brought you coffee" she said even as she just set it on the table and took the opportunity to sit in my lap. I quickly grabbed ahold of her hips so she wouldn't fall off me. "Your in a happy mood" I said noticing she was cuddling up to me. "I am" she said as she leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. "I talked to mami this morning" she said after pulling away. "Really? So fast?" I asked looking at her curiosity itching at my brain. "Yes! I wasn't going to put it off, besides by going to mami I also found out something I didn't know about Mel" she chuckled. "Apparently mami arranged a marriage for her" she chuckled. "What? She is? That's surprising. I didn't know people still did that" I was suprised.  I would hate to have an arranged marriage. No wonder Mel was trying to get with someone else to get out of that. "Well she does come from money. Her dad owns a bunch of buildings and works with high class people, I don't know its a different world. Oh but Mami wants to meet you" Keri rambled on. Alarm bells went off. "She wants to meet me? Why?" to say I was startled is an understatement. "Mami is like my second mother. My actual parents live out in the country so yeah" she shrugged. Hmm more information about her. It's funny how she randomly slips it in like it's nothing. "Okay, well how bad is it if I don't want to meet her?" I asked as I repositioned her on my lap. Her legs now straddled me now. "Why wouldn't you want to? She pouted. "Because I'm a little frightened of the woman who birthed Mel" I said slowly. She stared for a moment then burst out laughing. "I can't believe you said that" she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head  on my shoulder. "Hey what is this?" She asked. "What?" I said. "Are these lyrics you wrote?" She asked. Quick thinking I turned the swivel chair around she was Facing the other way. "Its nothing" I said quickly. "No it looked like some really good lines" she was trying to push us back around but I kept us still with my feet planted on the ground. "They aren't done yet" I told her. Those were things I wrote in my dark place. They weren't for viewing. "But I want to read" she whined against me now struggling to turn around. "Please. You've read my work, my smutty work at that. Let me read please" she continued making me laugh. "No that's unfinished." I told her. With her struggling on me and it was starting to really have an effect. The moment she realized I knew she did. Her body went still all of a sudden. "Yoongi" she said my name in a worried tone. "Uh, sorry" I said not sure what else to say "your kind of making me react to you" I told her looking away. "Oh" she settled down on my lap firmly, her core level with my cock. I tried not to squirm. "Hmm" she wiggled for a moment and I had to stiffle a groan. "I've never had a guy react like this to me" she said. "What?" I whipped my head to look at her. There was a smile on her lips. "Hmm, no" she nodded. "I don't know if I like that answer or not." I said truthfully. I liked that no one had gotten this close to her before but I didn't like the fact that it made her doubt her attractiveness. "Well I'm glad I know you like me" she said leaning in and kissing me. She squirmed against me once more and I couldn't stop the groan that came out. A pleased hum came out of her and it shot through my system. "Oh god you shouldn't do that to me" I said as my hands traveled up her back. Her body arched into mine and my hips lifted initiating another sound out of her. "Yoongi" her voice was a sigh. "Keri" I said then I kissed her. I continued moving under her initiating another elicit moan from her. "Yoongi that feels so good" she said. Even through out clothes the friction between us was sending sparks through my body. "Baby move a little on me" I told her and then she did and buried her face in my neck.  There was a light dab of wet and soft, she was licking my neck and sucking. I couldn't help myself at that.  Adjusting I went to undo my zipper when there was a knock at the door and then the door nob turned and someone tried to enter but couldn't. Oh thank you Keri for locking that door.
hehehe. oh I still left a hangcliffer, but I did finish off that last scene, it was debatable. @FromBlue2U this is for you! lol bet you didn't think it would come so soon.
@SugaKookieV omg!!! I just woke up to this!?! is it christmas!?!? let me read it!! thanks for the christmas miracle!!!
yes it came!!! @FromBlue2U we got it out if her!!!! lol Um....no Jenni I hate you for actually doing the smut I....ahhhh you are good at writing smut scenes! Lol Now I wanna say it was Tae and Kookie again lol
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hahah nice
cliff hanger =cold shower. lol
This.....yes, I was wondering when they would start gettin it on and they did 😈😈😈😈😈😈 I have to say it's getting me in the mood, my body's reacting some way, teehee not to give too much information but I like reading the smut more then if I were to watch it. I can make my own images and it's hella more interesting. I wonder who's on the other side of that door 🤔🤔🤔
lol oh its so Much better to read and see it in you imagination then to see it, not as good. 😊
oh my goodness Keri what have you gotten yourself into and I bet it's jimin or namjoon at the door.
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yes I love this side of keri...
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