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So this is my entry for the Jay Park community One shot competition.

Before you read.. .. Im warning you all. This is a SMUT ONE SHOT!!!!! (19+)

Dont day i didnt warn you!!!!! >·<

He stands so firm and always with a smile on his face. Always on point with his patients. As an intern, I respect him fully. But as a woman, I desire those lips of his. When im too close to him, my insides tickles and it's too hard to not think dirty about this man. His body and his ink may have other people concern about him, because of his tittle. But to me, its a beautiful turn on which i want to touch. He is a man who i have fantasies at nights. Just by thinking about him, I cant resist of feeling hot. I want him on me. I want to kiss and taste those lips of his. I just need him to make me feel good. But it wont ever happen. He is my senior. He is my Chief Doctor in the hospital i work.
I look at him as i think all this. Just seeing him smile at his patients makes me feel warm. He is just a very nice generous man. Ohh .... he is coming towards me. Did he caught me looking at him like a desprate woman in needs. Damnn it Jenny. "Jenny?!" "Yes Doctor Park" "Come with me. Now!" He grabs my wrist and pulls me. Just feeling his soft hands touching me made me all bubbly. Then he pulls me into his office. He close the door and pulls down his curtains. Then he picks up his office phone. "Nurse Ali, Please have no one disturb me for the next hour. I am in a important meeting. Ok." Am i in trouble? I began to wonder of what i did wrong. Did i do something wrong? I began to think if i made any mistakes or caused any troubles, till he slamed the phone. I quickly jumped and looked at him. I never seen him so serious. "What is the matter with you?" "Excuse me sir?" He stands from his chair and began to walk towards me. I stand still and put my head down quickly. Then he grabs my chin and lifts it up. He looks at me right in the eye. Whats going on? "Why Jenny? Why are you the buggest distraction of my life right now?" What is he talking about? Im confused but at the same time i feel like he is casting a spell on me. "Doctor...I...dont know what your talking about? Did i do something wrong?" "Ever since you came to thus hospital. I cant stop looking at you. And even worse, I am now thinking stuff about you!" My heart began to race. He began to walk closer to me. I can smell his mint breath. "What...what ypur thinking about?" Why did i asked that? I swear he is controlling me. He began to look at me straught in the eye. Then out of nowhere he pushed me to the wall. My body slams to the wall and my eyes grew big. "You got me thinking of what i want to do to you. Your making me desire to do things to you which i never had done before in my life. And seeing you the way you look at me. I know you are hungry also. I know you want me as how i want you. And im going to get what i want...Right now!" He quickly placed his lips so hard into mines. His lips felt so soft which made me open my mouth. I felt his tongue inside me and began to move his lips around mines. Then he bites my lower lips, which made me hiss in pleasure. "You like that huh.." Then he grabs my ass and squeeze them very tight as he went deeper on the kiss. My mind was getting cloudy as my body began to warm up. Then he lifts me up and I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist. I put my arms around his neck and began to play with his hair as he kisses me deeper. Our kiss was warm and breathless. Then he broke off the kiss. "You have no idea how long ive been dying to kiss those lips of yours" Did I just said that? Then he looks at me. His eyes began to turn black. I saw of how his eyes changed. I noticed his teeth changed. He was a vampire. A dark vampire. "Doct..." "Shh baby. I wont hurt you. I promise." He lifts me up and move me to his desk. He pushed everything from his desk to the floor and he lays me down on the desk. Then his hands began to slowly touch my legs. His hands went up and down and squeezing me my thinghs. I can hear him hissing. Then he grabs my skirt and ripped it apart. "Look at you. Your so fine. Let me make you feel good baby." His lips began to kiss my left thighs to my right. I can feel my body shaking and tremble every time his lips touches my skin. Then with his right hand he rips my shirt and then my bra. My boobs was free and he began to kmessage them as his lips travel up towards my belly to my nipples. His tongue began to play with my nipples till it was hard and stiff. Then hs left hand began to travel down to my pussy. Im wet, super wet. The way he is playing with my boobs and nipples, I cant resist this no more. Then he began to rub slowly and easy on my clit. My body began to feel hot and I felt like my body is not mine anymore. Then he began to rub my clit harder and a bit faster. I began to breath harder. I felt suffocated. I have not felt this good in a years. Then i felt his fingers going inside me. My mind began to melt. I have no control. He is moving fast in me. He is not stopping. My body is burning. I feel lost, It feels too good. He aint stopping. I cant hold on no more. "Doctor.." "Call me Jay baby. Feels good huh?" I cant talk ... I lost my words. I have forgotten to speak. He aint stopping and im to the point to climax. "Come on baby. Release it for me" I grabbed his arm and hold on tight as he kept on fingering me. My muscles got so tight. I cant keep quiet. This feels too good. All you hear is me moaning. I then came hard. He stops and slid his fingers out of me. He looks at me and he stands. Then he pulls me into him. He took of his shirt. And i was amazed at that moment. His eyes turn red and his clear skin began to change. Beautiful tattoos began to slowly appear. How can he hide this? He is just gorgeous. Then he pulls me down from the desk. He quickly turns me around and slmas my face to the table. I am too turned on to feel pain. Then i hear his belt buckles. "You trust me?" "Yes..I trust you." Then i felt him going inside of me slowly. I quickly felt a spark inside my body. He then slamed inside me, filling his cock inside my pussy. "Your so tight. Too tight." He slowly began to move inside of me. I feel so dizzy of this pleasure. Then he grabs my hair and pulls it back. "Im going to make you mine!" Jay began to move faster inside me. The desk was moving as he slams into me. I began to moan louder and louder as he moves in and out of me. Every hit was just too good. Then he pulls my head back and his hands grabs my chin making my body stretch all out. He slams me even harder, hitting my walls with his cock.
He wouldnt stop.. He is making me breathless. Then he pulls out. He flips me around and grabs my neck. Then he kiss me as he squeezes my neck a bit tight but not painfully. Jay then lifts me up and put my legs arounf his waist. Then his member slowly enters inside me and slowly began to fill me inside me. My head falls back and my fingers began to pull his hair. He slams as me to the wall and began to pump inside me. "Your so beautiful. I want you to be mine. Let me make you mine." "Yes....make me yours Jay" He began to move faster and deeper. I began to feel breathless. His moaning turned me on more. He is making my hips move as he pumped inside me. Then he began to kiss my neck. i feel the climax rising. I squeeze him hard and he began to hiss and his hands holds me tight. "Fuck... fuck.... im.. cumming" Jay slamed into me so hard and at the same time he bites my neck. I screamed of pleasure as he came inside me. Then a burning began to overkill my neck and down to my body. The pain began to burn inside of me. I hug Jay tight as the pain ran all over my body. He holds me tight and covers my mouth with his hands. Preventing me from screaming. Seconds later, the pain began to worn off. "Now your mine baby." I look at him and smiled. All i felt was a satisfaction of my fantasy complete. Then my body began to form beautifully. Then Jay kisses me on my forehead. "Your even more beautiful as my kind" Then I hug him. As i open my eyes,I saw a mirror in front of me and i can see my eyes bright red. I smiled at the beauty he gaven me. But happy to have him all mine.

Well... hope your guys enjoy this One shot. I tried my very best... been a while i havent done a smut. So I hope i didnt disappointed no one.

Should i make more smuts? or nah?

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i nedd more of you writting smut in my life😫😫 #dirtyminded Im in my feels now😂😂😂
well damn...... girl you have a hidden talent and it's time you start showing it off.
@SaraHanna Ohhhh boy..... still thinking about it.😏
why do I feel so wired someone help me please omfg
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@BBxGD I am on my time of the month so why is this happening to me right now ugh
Shit girl!! that was everything!!
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