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Okay so... I Twistedpuppy Aka unicornBunny aka Vinny the smut king... okay I have way to many nickname... ANYWAYS!!!!!! let just take a moment to appreciate these two and their sexiness and asdfgkhshjs! yeah.... okay let's BEGIN!
I don't know about the rest of ya'll but i see two couples who are upset with each other. like ravi did something to make Leo mad, let say like maybe he was being to friendly with Ken or hyuk or hongbin or N which got Leo jealous! BUT!... but he's not trying to make it obvious, which he so is! [excuse my awful English and grammar I do these card in the middle of the night lol]
then ravi upset because Leo wouldn't tell him what he did wrong. so now ravi ignoring Leo while Leo want to talk about it all of sudden but at the same time he not sure if he should since ravi being a bish and ignoring him.... beach... lol
then right here, ravi trying to talk to Leo about the whole issue and ended up making Leo feel bad. so now ravi look like he feel bad for making Leo all sad and stuff so he trying to apologize. but leo so upset that he doesn't want to even look at ravi because he told ravi how he didn't like it when he plays like that with the other member. ravi keeps trying to apologize but Leo is tired of always having to repeat himself to ravi who never listens or thinks about leo feelings. now ravi is worried and trying to get Leo to forgive him and to let him explain. ravi worried that Leo might want to break it off. lol yes my mind has quite the imagination.
Now here We have Demon Leo trying to seduce us in this solo photo shot. with his nice wet blonde hair and fishnet undershirt and that sexy as choker and dem leather pants MMMMMMMMM!!! YAS!
then here we have ravi the sexy as officer in the military but the second photo ravi a Demon hunter at night! so he gonna take out Leo until they fall in love and stuff.... anyways!!!! moving on!!!!
so yeah here we have a photo of lace pantie holes ravi and leo lol (that what the guy at the kpop store called it rofl)
then we have regular ravi and leo I can't stop laughing from the lace pantie holes!
But anyways Leo and Ravi are real, their together, their married! hahaha
and apparently their these two cats as well.... xD
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 again I love ur mind
😂😂😂 lol its both a gift and a curse tho xD
I ship it!! Always..
I love this ship!!!! Thank you for making this!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
no thanks necessary it was a honor to do this card lol
Also so accurate on the gifs lol
right I'm telling you my mind work wonders xD
Please tag me! I love this card and they are so hot!
Got chu!!! 😄