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Hello everyone! @Sailynn here with something new for everyone to enjoy!
You don't have to follow us or be in our taglist to play, but I do encourage everyone and anyone to participate to make things more interesting! ;D
Damn, so judgy e.e Did @KpopBeat send you?

The Objective~

You (the player) will receive 3 new idols/actors every week.
Out of the 3, you must pick 1.
Ah yes, thank you for asking! :3

The Catch~

Yes, you may pick 1 out of the 3, but the reminding 2 will team up against you.
You must pick a team member on who you think will help you make it to victory with the scenario/game I give you.
Think Running Man.

You will be given~

-A location


-A type of game

Ah, but here is where the REAL fun begins.
YOU (the player) have to determine who your partner will be by the location and type of game first.
The catch is to pick the idol/actor by who you think is going to be better suited for the activity.
Now, I call this a bias challenge because yes, I will throw plenty of biases out there. But the real question is, would you be partners with your bias if you knew in the back of your mind that he/she was not cut out for the game?

Things to keep in mind when choosing a partner~


-Does he/she have enough stamina to keep up with the game?
Now I know what you're thinking. Jungkook vs. T.O.P. Yeah, Kookie is younger and has more stamina, but I'm not going to throw those two together unless the game calls for it. Just because Kookie is young doesn't mean he'll have the stamina to win......... And just because Tabii is older, doesn't mean he doesn't have the stamina either. Tabii is more experienced.


-Is he/she fast enough to get through the puzzle games and/or come up with strategies?
No, I'm not calling idols/actors dumb, I am only saying, when it comes to Bang Yongguk vs. Namjoon....... ;)


- In case you get captured, who will be able to save you?
- Who can take on the other two better? ;D
Example. Kim Jongkook...... vs. Kookie, & Yoongi with eomma Jin hovering around. :3
Well then, um.......
Are you guys ready for an example round!?
Example #1


- Outside


- Elimination


- Yoo Jae Suk
- Song Ji Hyo
- Kim JongKook

Who would you team with and why?

My Choice~

Yoo Jae Suk.
The man is experienced and savage. Now, it is 50/50 with the guy. Meaning, if we can manage to NOT piss off JongKook that day, then it'll be a sly win..... but if we do, then I'm pretty sure my aegyo game is strong enough to make sure JaeSuk doesn't get caught and save our asses against Commander and Ace. XD
Example #2~


- Inside


- Puzzles/Riddles


- (BTS) V
- (Super Junior) Donghae
- (Big Bang) T.O.P

Who would you team with and why?

My Choice~

The man may be more 4D but he will be able to cover more of the topics all why trying to control his spazz, whereas Tabii will be more knowledgeable if the questions were more art related but given a regular puzzle/riddle, not much art would be involved. For V..... he'd be a curve ball..... don't know what he would say or know. o.o
I love Tabii..... he's my UB. But I'd have to choose Donghae for this. ><
See what I mean? :3


There is no right or wrong answer, it's soley the player's opinion, but that's what makes things harder, right? ;)



I will be dropping the first round in about 30mins so please comment if you have any questions!
Can't wait to have fun with you guys! :D
Let the games get interesting! ;)
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Potential Player TagList?

Can you please tag me in future cards? Thanks! Also I'm joining in! I'm just thinking about RM scenarios now lol. I would always choose Jungkook in strength games...
Why you gotta throw me in like that!?!? I am not judgey*is low-key judging you right now*
I would easily pick Kim Jong Kook. Not only is he stronger than the other two, he's actually very intelligent. He has survived the outdoors before in reality shows, He can also convince Ji Hyo to team up with him against Grasshopper.
I'll play :3 but i don't know many Idols lol