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So I have two days for you today. Mostly because of Thanksgiving and I wanted to spend time with my loving family. but I'm back now so lets get down to business.
Day 77 My Favorite Rivarly. hmm this is a hard one but I have to say it's Yugi and Joey from Yugioh. These two even; though they're rivals, they're still best friends and have each other back.
Day 78 Favorite Team. Now I had to think very hard on this one Because it's hard because there is so many that I like but if I have to pick I have to say it's Yin, Hei, Mao and Huang from Darker then Black
So those are the two days. again sorry for not posting but my real family comes frist. but I do hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving with your family and friends as well.Any ways tomorrow is day 79 Favorite quote. which is going to be a long card just to let you know.
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Darker than Black was sure a fantastic anime and Hei was just to badass!