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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! It is once again that time of the week! I'm here with Part 1 staring the chocoabs star of the week. Do you know who he is?
Well I am hoping to stump you all with this weeks star. Since I have decided to try something new I will give you one hint......
wanna know what it is?..........
He...... is not......
Yup... we have jumped to another Asian country for this one... but I can't tell you which one just yet...
I would love to give you more hints but the point of the game is for you to test your knowledge..... so good luck!!
OH!!! Before I forget....
Love the chocoabs game?
Well I will be starting a new segment on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to show love to those idols, actors, and all around entertainers who don't have chocoabs. This will be run just like chocoabs only it will be called Test Your Knowledge and will feature all kinds of different stars who should get more love! I hope to see you all guessing over there too...
I think it will be a little harder than Chocoabs only because this Noona knows too many underrated groups and a million and one actors!
Anyways!! Happy guessing and I'll see you tomorrow with ChocoABs Part 2!!
Remember no cheating!!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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Lawd!!! My brain can't handle trying to figure out the country I'm just in awe!!!!
Love him! He's one of my favorite Taiwanese actors! You have good taste my dear!
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Haha, that is very true!
Jiro Wang
yummy...Love Jiro Wang....
I can't believe that this is the same man from "It started with a kiss and They kiss again"