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Happy Birthday Chanyeol!!!!!
Hey guys!!!!! So today is this cinnamon roll's birthday in Korea!!!!!!! I hope Park Chanyeol has an awesome birthday!!!!!!
It's your birthday, happy birthday!!!!! It's your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
Which do you think is cute, Chanyeol or Puppyeol???????
A/N: There is some language in this video. I am not responsible for nosebleeds!!!!!
Happy birthday again to our Happy Virus!!!!!!! Enjoy your day/weekend!!!!!
Tagging my lovely Monster Buds:
omg my happy virus, crazy monkey have a happy Birthday !!!!!
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@BabydollBre Aaaauuuggghhh, not again!!!!
a year ago
I'm surprised no one did a Chanyeol appreciation week for him 😔 🎂HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANYEOL🎂
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I think because of thanksgiving, everyone's got caught up
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