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Soooo I left you all with a hangcliffer last time lol. after getting pent up energies and the bam someone wants in lol. can't have them going all the way in the studio of all places lol. nope not yet at least. Anyway I'm sure your all super curious at whose at the door! hmm yes? okay let's find out!!!
Keri's view*** Oh gosh I can't believe I got caught up in the moment like that. I was sitting on top of Yoongi rubbing up against him. It felt so good and was sending delishes tingles up my core. His bulge kept hitting in the right spot and every time I was tingling more and more and wanting to be filled with him. The knock at the door startled me and I stilled not wanting the sensation to spread further. Yoongi stilled under me. He had his hand between us there and I hadn't been to sure what his intention was but sadly I knew I wasn't going to find out. "What is it?" Yoongi called out as I buried my head into his shoulder covering the blush that tinted my cheeks. "Yoongi open the door" a voice yelled. "Just a minute" yoongi said. "Come on baby" he said to me as he lifted me up a bit.  With the little movement  from him I let go and got up from him. I leaned against the table as he adjusted himself before he went to the door and opened it. Namjoom came in and looked between the two of us. With a tsking noise Namjoon shook his head. "Do we need the rule that if there's a girl in the room the door stays open?" Namjoon asked. Yoongi glared at him. "No" he said making namjoon laugh. I couldn't help but chuckle. Namjoon looked over at me. "Hi namjoon" I said with a little wave of my hand. He just smiled at me. "Hey Keri. Been a little while" he said. "Yup yup. You get your coffee?" I asked. "Yes I did, thanks. Are you sticking around for a while?" He asked. "Yes I am" I grinned "You two want to go grab lunch?" Namjoon asked. " I'm starved" I said glade for the change of subject. "Really? I'll take you out to eat" yoongi said looking at me. "Yoongi why don't we all go out. That way we can get to know Keri" Namjoon said. Yoongi just scowled. "Come on man, Tae and kooki have gotten to spend time with her but the rest of us haven't" Namjoon said. "I would love to" I said cutting in. "Great its settled" namjoon grinned. So I went out with the entire group.  The members that I hadn't really gotten to meet properly I met and talked to. We went out to get Ramen and meat, cause as Jin said, they growing boys still. "So Keri your a writer?' Jin asked. "Yes I thrive on writing now. I have several books and am working on another right now" I said as we waited for food. "And what makes you think your good for our yoongi?" Jin asked staring at me from across the table. It was kind of intimidating. "Uhm because I like him. I'm not too sure if I'm good for him" I said looking down at the table. "Really? So you dont think your good enough to be with him? Then why are you?" He asked a little to curiously. "Jin lay off a bit." Yoongi said from next to me. "I'm just asking a question' Jin said innocently. "Yea let her answer. Why wouldnt she think she's good enough for you" Jimin repeated. "I like her. I think I'm not good enough for her ever think of that?" Yoongi questioned back. "You are honey" I turned to look at him. "Your an amazing person with a warm personality" I told him, the words rolling out. A smile tugged at his lips. "Thanks babe. Your not bad yourself." He told me making me smile. "And your worth more then me" he added. "Cheesy couple" Jimkn scoffed. "They are so cute together! You see you see. Look at that look of him!" Tae pointed to Yoongi who was trying not to smile at me. "They are!" Kooki agreed. "Hey what kind of book are you writing?" Kooki asked. I was glad for a familiar topic and went in to tell them about the mystery plot I had going on. They all listened and offered random ideas of clues and what people might do in that situation. It was a stimulating conversation, one that gave me ideas. When the food came the boys dug in but continued to ask me questions about myself. Where I came from, what kind of background I had, where I went to school, that sort of thing. I could tell yoongi was happy his friends were taking an interest in me, or it seemed that way every time he knew an answer he would say it for me. He was proud to know most of the questions that were asked. By the end of the meal I felt like I had bonded with all of them. Yoongi wisked me away after and we left the group and went to get ice cream. As he went to get ice cream for us I pulled out my notebook an pen. After all those ideas I had writing material in my head and wanted to jot it down before I forgot. I was so intent in my writing that it took me awhile to realize that he had come back and was sitting next to me. 3 pages, I had written 3 pages down before my brain was coming to an end. "What if you have the main character enter a room and discover a secret passage?" Yoongi said gently next to me. I couldn't help but smile. I liked that idea, so I wrote it down in the margines to add more in depth detail later too. I looked up and smiled at him. "Thanks oh thank you" I said twice when he handed me a bowl of ice cream. "I'm sorry I got a little caught up with idea's" I said. "Your welcome. Were you writing down some of your story?" He asked. "Yes. There was some good passages going on in my head" I told him. Sitting on a park bench we talked a bit then changed subjects all of a sudden. Or rather Yoongi did. "So uh Monday is going to be a full month of going out together" he mentioned suprising me he kept track. "Yea? Wow a month together already" I chuckled. "I was wondering if you wanted to do something special for it?" He asked. "Yes! Do you want to go somewhere special?" I asked "or um come to my house?" I offered. "I can cook dinner for you" he offered making me giggle. "Isn't that what the girl is supposed to do?" I asked. "Not if I want to make it special for you" he grinned. "oh" the sound came out of me and he chuckled. "Babe I want it to be a special day. I'll bring ingredients over and I'll cook for you" he said. "only of I get to help" I grinned. "Okay then" I smiled at him when he said that. I couldn't help it I leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips.
Kekeke. Omo it was Namjoon at the door! And Jin what are you doing to poor Keri putting her on the spot like that. nooo they started the questioning, not to many tho good boys hehe.
haha I was so right with it being namjoon at the door....and I cracked up "do we have to have the rule when a girl is over to leave the door open"
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nxaewww concerned parents over there😂 love it! hmmm cough cough... I wonder how much cooking they will get done... before they realise they have a whole house to themselves with no one coming to the door... *clears throat* I feel it's going to be an exciting 1st anniversary ^^~
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all ima say is.... the birds and the bees...😉
Jin is just being a good eomma and making sure the girl is right for one of his babies. Ooohhh, that one month anniversary is going to be fun.....and will probably end up interrupted.
namjoon really is king of destruction. .....he killed the mood. way to go dad lol
Savage Jin is savage haha I can't wait to see how their first month anniversary goes! It sounds like it's going to be cute!
Oh Jin, he just had go turn into eomma. lol and I hope the anniversary goes well. hmm steamy 😶
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