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Become Someone (Part 8)

Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of.
Ji-Hye's POV: I sighed halfway into the kiss. They were soft and sweet. Just like I imagined his lips would be. It wasn't until I realized what we were doing was wrong. Not to mention, dangerous. I push Yoongi back, using a little too much force causing him to stumble back, but somehow managed to balance himself. He looked up at me with a confused expression. "What's wrong?" He asks. "This is wrong Yoongi. You shouldn't be involved with me. Although, I was the one who spoke to you and protected you first. I realized that I'm putting you in danger the more you're around me." "What do you mean that you're putting me in danger?" Yoongi slowly takes a step towards me and I also take a step back. He furrows his eyebrows at my action. "Yoongi, if it wasn't for the fact that I have a fucked up family, then I'd have no problem being around you. But, listen to me Yoongi, from now on you can't be anywhere near me. Act like you never knew me in the first place. Like we're strangers--" "No, I'm not doing that." He takes two big steps towards me, but I take two big steps back. He tries again, but I move back every time he takes a step towards me. "Stop running away from me and explain what you mean by it's too dangerous for me to be next to you" He looks at me with concerned yet serious eyes. I shake my head. That was when Yoongi ran towards me and before I can do anything, he has a hold of me. He hugs me tightly. My head was placed on his chest and the beating of his heart calms me down. I could've pushed him away with the strength I had, but his warmth I felt when he wrapped his arms around me made me rethink and hesitate. He smelt of shampoo and I became intoxicated by it. I felt his heart racing and being in sync with my heart as well. "Yoongi..." I said in a low voice. "Ji-Hye, please explain to me what you meant." "...Yoongi, you already know now that I'm not human. So, my family isn't either. We're all vampires and my father is, well, he's fucked up. Yoongi... my father actually drinks human blood. People... Victims that he killed. He brainwashed my siblings. He killed my mother. He's dangerous, Yoongi." I felt Yoongi tense up a little at my words. I hug Yoongi for a few seconds before pushing him away again. I didn't get to see his expression since I turned away from him. "Now that you get it. Stay away from me. Please, I'm begging you. I wouldn't forgive myself if..." I stop when I felt Yoongi's arms wrap around my waist. "But, what if I say that I loved you? That even if I may be killed by your dad, I still don't want to be separated from you. I want to be next to you." He rests his chin on my shoulder and I felt my heart skip a beat. I stayed silent when I heard the rustle of the bush next to us that caught my attention. I close my eyes and sniff the air. I tense up. "Father..." I say silently. I remove Yoongi's arms from my waist and turn to look at him. "Yoongi, you need to go." "Why?" "Fuck Yoongi, just go. Please" I plead as I look into his eyes. I almost melt just from looking at them, but if it wasn't for the fact that my father was watching, I probably would have melted in them. "Fine, I understand. But we'll be talking about this later on. Got it?" He takes my hand and squeezes it. I smile and nod. He smiles back before letting go of my hands and walks right past me. I turn slightly to make sure nothing happens. When he's out of my sight, I finally call out to my father. He comes out of the bushes looking angrier than ever. "How many times have I told you not to interact with humans? They're only meals--" "Quit saying they're meals. They are not meals. Instead of taking the stupid pills, you selfishly take the lives of innocent people. I don't know how many times I have to tell you that I will never, ever, become like you. I'm not letting you brainwash me like how you did my sisters and brother" I make eye contact with him while I say these words to him. With aggression in my voice so he can understand I'm not playing around. "I see. Then I guess that boy is the reason for your attitude, huh? I guess I'll have to eliminate him." Father looks at me with his red champagne eyes and I growled. "Don't you fucking dare touch him." My father hums in amusement. "It's too late. Your sister should be done with him by now." I froze. Wide eye'd I turn around and run to the direction Yoongi went. It wasn't far until I turned a corner and I see her. Her royal blue eyes shone in the dark. Blood dripping from her chin and her fangs can be seen. I look down at her feet and see Yoongi on the ground, unconscious. His neck bleeding from where she bit him. I stood there in disbelief. How did I not smell her? My father grabbed me by the arm tightly and laughed. I clenched my fists and began to shake violently. I felt my blood boil in anger. Looking at Yoongi by my sisters feet, I could feel myself get angrier and angrier. My breath was uneven and I couldn't help, but have the urge to kill my own father and sister. "Are you crying? Well, it's karma for hanging out with that meal--" Before he can finish his sentence. I reached for his hand that gripped my arm tightly and yanked it off. I twisted it causing my fathers wrist to break and he cries out in pain. Third person POV: Ji-Hye twisted her fathers wrist causing pain coursing through her fathers body and he yelled out of pain. She twisted his hand again and again only to break his arm, harshly, as well. He was still standing so Ji-Hye kicked hard against his knee, breaking it as well. "Stop!" He yelled as he fell down onto the pavement. Ji-Hye's father looked up at her and gasped at what he saw. She wasn't the Ji-Hye he knew anymore. Her eyes were still the royal blue color, but for some odd reason, they glowed more brightly and had a more dark tint in them. Not only that, her eyes looked eager to kill. Her expression was terrifying that it gave him goosebumps and all the hair on his body to rise. Her breathing was uneven and he could feel the tremendous anger, power, and dangerous aura that was just oozing out of her. For once, her father that always made her feel afraid and thought no one would be able to make him feel this way, was very very afraid and feared for his life. But she had some mercy. She let go of him and slowly turned to her sister who still stood in front of Yoongi who was on the floor. Not knowing that he was still breathing, but she could only focus on her anger. Ji-Hye growled as she ran at a speed that didn't give her sister a chance to barley take a step before taking her down. Ji-Hye held down her sister by the neck. For once, Ji-Hye's sister felt afraid just by seeing her sisters eyes that looked eager to kill her. She knew that she was no match against her sister. Even so, she managed to keep her emotionless face on. Her sister fought back by scratching her face and trying to kick anywhere just to get out from under Ji-Hye, but nothing worked. It was like she couldn't feel the pain of the scratches, punching, or kicking. Ji-Hye now has both hands in her sisters neck. Choking her. "Enough!" Her father yelled as he tried to get up, but to no avail, he feel down on the pavement again. Ji-Hye continued to stare at her sister before slowly and slowly calming down. Her grip on her sisters neck loosened and her sister took this chance and pushed her away. She ran towards her father. She helped him get up and they both continued to look at Ji-Hye who looked at her hands with wide eyes. Ji-Hye's father started walking away while limping and with his other arm that wasn't broken, her sister helped him get into balance. They both walked away and soon, they were gone. Gyeong's POV: I began worrying about Yoongi when he ran out. Chang held me close to him, but I still couldn't calm down. All of a sudden the doorbell rings. I jump up from the couch and ran towards the door. I opened the door to reveal a beaten up Ji-Hye and an unconscious Yoongi in her arms. When I saw the bite wounds on Yoongi's neck, I covered my mouth with my hand and I fell down to my knees. Chang came rushing to help me. He carried me to the couch and sat me down on it. While he let Ji-Hye in and laid Yoongi on the couch as well. "W-What happened?!" I asked as I couldn't help but rush to Yoongi's side. Ji-Hye didn't say anything but stood there with wide eyes and tears forming. Her eyes didn't have that sparkle in them anymore and her clothes were covered in her blood. Her face was bleeding from the cuts and she had some nasty bruising too. "Ji-Hye? What happened? Please tell me" I pleaded. She looked down at me and a tear ran down her bruised cheek. She got down on one knee and grabbed my hand. She looked into my eyes. "I'm sorry," she said as more tears ran down her cheek, "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. It's all my fault." "Ji-Hye?" Chang said as he put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "My... my father and sister did this" she whispered and then whimpered when I gasped. She stayed on her knee for a few seconds until she got up and started shaking from crying. "Yoongi was about to be bitten by another vampire when I saved him. He said we needed to talk and I agreed. So we went to a park. My father was watching us the whole time and I told Yoongi to leave because I didn't want my father to do anything to him, but I didn't know that my sister was there as well. When my father told me that sister should be done with him now, I knew what he meant. It was too late by the time I got there. I got angry and I lost myself in that anger. I almost broke my father's entire body. Not to mention I was choking my sister to death until I finally snapped out of it..." "Ji-Hye... but it's not your fault" I say. I'm sincere about it. She did nothing wrong. Yes, her family did this, but she protected him two times. That's all that matters. "But it is. My family did this to him. My family is too dangerous and I'm too dangerous as well. I lost my control and lost myself. How can I be next to someone knowing that I'll only end up hurting them? So, I came up with a conclusion that'll make it easy for him and me." "What is it?" "Gyeong, you have the power to erase someone's memory--" "No, I'm not doing that. He loves you. He'll still love you even if he does get hurt. None of this was your fault. I can't do that--" "It's for the best," Ji-Hye says, cutting me off, "it's for the best. Don't you get it? I come from a dangerous family that will kill innocent people just for fun. I'm also dangerous. If I get lost into my anger, I'll end up hurting someone." I bit my bottom lip while I look at Yoongi. Chang was treating his wound while listening to the conversation. He looked at me and I knew from his eyes that he would say to do whatever feels right. Follow your heart. I look at Yoongi again. I grab his hand and hold it tightly. What do I do, Yoongi?
Yo! How's it going? I hope it's going well :) so, here it is, Chapter 8. I kinda actually like this chapter for some reason, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, don't forget to keep voting for BTS at MAMAS :) Welp, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and have a good day!


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