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So, @PrincessUnicorn made an event for the Queens of kpop and fellow blackjacks 《view card here》and I couldn't miss out on this event~ Let me start by saying that 2NE1 was the only Kpop Girl group that I actually followed & love so much. Then The Ark came by and I also fell in love with them. Unfortunately, this is an awful year and The Ark disbanded earlier this year... and well now... I will keep supporting 2NE1 as solos or where ever they take their career to.. Stay Strong Girls♡

Okay, let's start off with DAY1×

Who is your 2NE1 Bias?

This amazing, loving, sweet, bubbly, smart, funny, strong, cute, and powerful woman is my bias~
Her killer and unique vocals are one of a kind.
Personality was the one that pulled me in though~
I still don't understand how people can hate her ♡
She's so cute, but
yet so bad ass..

Bommie please be happy ♡

When I watched the variety show ROOMMATE.. this is the part I broke down.. watching my bias cry.. has been so hard... I know you're very strong Bommie, but you've suffered so much. Love you Bommie♡ Btw I respect and love Seho's parents so much because they reached out to her when they knew she wasn't doing good emotionally.. Seho's mom told her she was not alone and kept repeating that she loved her~</3
I really hope you are not skipping meals and eating well bommie~ I know it's weird but I love it when you eat.. and please don't get sick!

Please keep smiling gorgeous Bommie~♡

and Singing your heart out!

( Park Bom - You & I and Don't Cry )
Don't let others put you down! Please try to stay strong and hope you are doing well~

Thank you 2NE1! ♡♡♡♡

I love this card! Omg, Bom is my 2NE1 bias too ♡♡♡
Thank you! She is totally amazing ♡
be sure to eat lots of corn Bommie! <3
She's my fave as well. I dig CL heavy, but my love for Bommie is unrivaled. she has always been my darling.