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😂Kpop Memes😂: Part 106
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half of this makes me wanna cry
9 months ago·Reply
So many good ones. :o I'm the Kermit one--I don't deal with fanwars, but bitches need to make sure that they don't try me about SHINee.
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I'm glad that you appreciate! <3
9 months ago
I love the Thanksgiving with memes. BTOB on the res carpet I love and BTS with the Daesung award 😂😂 Lisa and her smile and then there's Hannah Montana jc and Onew god dammit with those shirts jfc and Yongguk is so cute with the fish!! What's a confession song tho? Jimin's heart in his hair is cute but then the wyd afta tonight like...JFC and half these memes make me want to cry. The friendly reminders one, the MMA's with BTS and Exo ones, the one about stanning the small group went from not having money to rent a car for an mv to blowing up a car for an mv
9 months ago·Reply
And when BTS stood up during Exo 10 minute speech. I'm gonna have to watch the AAA's the MMA's AND vote for MAMA much to do 🙃
9 months ago·Reply
I LOVE this card!!!!!! This is amazing!! It made me laugh, nod my head in understanding, and love the Kpop world even more!
9 months ago·Reply
Check out my page I got loads more ;), tell your friends haha
9 months ago