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Its Chanyeols Birthday!!! ahow exciting for him!!! hehe I'm excited for him!! So wishing Channie a Happy Birthday and doing a little story for him!!!! Hope you enjoy a Birthday tease with this story!!!
And now we say Hiiii! lol story time!!!
He woke up to something tickling his nose. It was a light feather like feeling. "Wake up sleepy head" She said lightly. A smile spread across his face. Without even opening his eyes he leaned in and she leaned in and pressed a kiss to his mouth. "Baby! You have to get up" she said "Yuni you need to come back to bed" He said opening his eyes and reaching out for her. Wrapping his arms around her waist he dragged her into bed. "Channie!" She squealed even as she gave in. "Its my birthday today. If I want to stay in bed a little longer I will" he chuckled. Yuni laughed. "But I made you seaweed soup and rice and sides" she told him. "You did?" He sat up pulling her along with him making her laugh. "I love your cooking" he said getting up and dragging her along with him to the kitchen. The food was set out ready to be served. Letting go he peaked in at the dishes that were covered then turned and smiled at Yuni. "Baby you are the best!" He grinned making her giggle. Uncovering the food Chanyeol sat down and started to dig in. Yuni loved seeing him eat, he enjoyed food and it showed. "What are your plans for today?" She asked. "Hmm I don't have much today" he shrugged. "I'm doing a message to my fans and a bit of practicing at the studio" Chanyeol said. "Hmm so then you can spend tonight with me?' Yuni asked making him smile. "Of course" he said. .. ... .... That afternoon Yuni decided to make a cake for her Chanyeols Birthday. Cooking she was good at, baking she was to but I bit messy. Chanyeol came home to see his girlfriend covered in white flour and what looking like cake batter on her arms. He stood there in the doorway as she moved around the kitchen taking the cake out of its molds and putting it together on a cake board. When she went to get a large container of frosting she looked up and noticed Chanyeol standing there watching her, a grin on his face. "Baby your home! Why didn't you say anything?" Yuni asked smiling at him. "You were just so cute getting the cake set up" he grinned "can I help with the frosting?" He asked. "Yes please!" She smiled happily. Chanyeol rolled up his sleeves and came over to her. Together they put the frosting on the cake. Chanyeol turned to Yuni and with the tip of the spatula he held he swiped it against her cheek. With a giggle Yuni swiped at both of his cheeks then smiled and licked it off his face. "Yum" she said into his ear. "Happy Birthday baby! I made you a cake" she said the obvious making him laugh. "I think I'll have this treat first" he said picking her up and kissing her. "Hmm well okay!" She laughed.
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so cute....(but wrong flour...flower is a plant)
lol thanks! gosh didn't even realize that 😂 I fix it now.
Oh I loved the little story so cute!!!
Happy Birthday 오빠! 🎂