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That last one
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Two in 5 minutes? T_T #blessed I like NCT 127's style. :( And the Jjong one got too real. T_T
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I had a lot so I thought I'd just get some extra
a year ago
the first one wouldn't work he'd probably like it 😂
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can I fight the person that dissed exo, like I'm seriously done as an Army-l I'm just angry, and excuse me! Chen is handsome and he has an amazing voice, and the only song I've heard that is auto tune from exo was lotto. And if I remember correctly, cypher part 4 rapmonster was auto tune for a little bit, but still!!
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The one after Kai's camera man, the Wings tour, that's me on a spiritual level. The Jaebum and Youngjae one...I want to die..the Wings tour...I want to die...or as my friend says, "ahh shit on my dick!" I love suffering...
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