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Omo!!! It's finally here!!!! If you haven't heard it's Park Chanyeol of EXO's birthday today!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! You guys don't understand!!! He's my ultimate bias!!!!! This is the man that got me into kpop in the first place!! His sexiness and his deep voice in Call Me Baby were the reason why I got sucked into kpop!! And it's his birthday today!!!! Cx God I love this man. I know that I always get bias wrecked all the time by other idols but Chanyeol will forever be in my heart!! If I had to meet one idol, it would be him any day!! His smile and his happy demeanor just makes my day!! And his voice!! Oh god his voice!!! Oof!! This guy is just the definition of perfect!!!! Anyway, I could talk about him for hours, so how about instead you continue on and look at fabulous pictures and gifs of him, yes?
Ahhh that smile though!!!! He has the most perfect smile ever!!!! I know I'm always fangirling about guys' smiles, but Chanyeol has the cutest smile ever!!!!! Oh, he is definitely a happy virus!!!!! But even though he's my ultimate bias, I'm still willing to share him with all of you cx Oh look how thoughtful I am!!! xD I'm kidding, of course you guys can have him. He doesn't belong to anyway, he's his own person and I wish some fans would realize that >.> But anyway, onto a happier note. I really do hope he had a great birthday today!! He really deserves to be happy. I also hope all of you had a great day today as well! Happy birthday Chanyeol!! We (Cough cough I mean love you so much!!! Stay healthy and fighting!!

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Is it bad that I have his birthday marked on my calendar?
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It reminded me when I woke up, I was just like "oh hey happy birthday to you "