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Ahhhh guys guys guys!!! It's princess Jin's birthday today!!!! :D Sometimes, I wish I had chosen him as my bias in BTS :l But I say that about every member of BTS cX But he's just so funny and adorable!!! And at times, really attractive or, most of the time, really pretty!!!! xD I love how he's always eating food and just acting like a total dork, like he doesn't care what anyone thinks!!! I wish I had that kind of confidence!! But, I guess that's what happens to you when you join a group like BTS cX Anyway, please enjoy some wonderful pictures and gifs of Jin being, well, Jin ^-^
Now wasn't that just fantastic? Making these birthday cards has been getting hard recently. All of these bias wreckers are just too damn good looking!!!! I mean, Jin is just so pre- I mean, attractive! Yeah, attractive!! I was going to say he was pretty or anything like that, hehe cx Just kidding! Jin is seriously good looking and he's just super silly and so funny!! I would want Jin to be my friend any day!! He's just so squishy and adorable!!! Gah!! He is too cute!!!! Haha well I hope that Jin has an amazing day today and just has a lot of fun. I also hope that all of you have a great day today as well!! Happy birthday Jin! We love you so much! Stay healthy and fighting!!

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