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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Smut/ One shot

For 18+ readers

Story: N/a For the Jay Park One shot contest.
You weren't a big Drake fan but this song made you dance everytime you heard it. Jay probably played it to make you upset, he didn't know you liked it though. You were in the kitchen in shorts and your white tank just dancing and singing to yourself. "That's why I need one dance got a Hennessyl in my hands. One more time 'fore I go how your powers taking a hold of me." You sang to yourself. "Baby." Jay's voice startled you and made you jump back while burning yourself. "Shit Jay announce yourself don't just walk in!" You said pissed that you hurt yourself. He walked over and said, "It's my house I can do whatever I want." He placed a hand on your waist and took your hand to look at your finger. He licked your finger making you stare at him. He caught your finger between his teeth lightly biting down and he smiled at you. You looked at him annoyed with a cocked eyebrow. "Are you just about finished?" You said. "What was that little dance you were doing mama? Did you not want me to see?" "You can watch me dance all you want I don't care just don't scare me especially while I'm cooking." You said upset. "Is it almost done baby girl?" You nodded, "Good, when it's done come upstairs." he said. "Hold up you're not just going to let all this get cold are you Jay?" You said upset. "I want you in the bedroom baby girl. You're going to dance for me." Your eyes widened at the dangerous smile on his face and he headed up the stairs. You grumbled to yourself upset that he totally blew off your meal so that he could make you 'dance'. What the hell did he mean by dance though? Did he really want to see you dance? To what? You were once his back up dancer then you left his company because you felt in office relations, as hot as they were, were inappropriate and wouldn't work. You'd get jealous and over protective of what was yours. He'd made some comment earlier about not seeing you dance in a while maybe that's where all this came from. You set the food on low so it would stay warm. Whatever he wanted shouldn't take long. You ran up the steps and got to the bedroom, "Alright Jay let's get this over with what did-" You stopped when you saw him sitting in a chair his legs spread apart and his shirt off. His tattoos staring back at you as if they were real and had known his plan all along. The smirk on his face told you he had an entirely different kind of dance in mind. You turned around to walk out, "You made me hurry for this! You could've waited." He had made it up to you already and grabbed you by your waist. He spoke lowly by your ear and his breath trailed down your neck, "Nah baby girl this couldn't wait. I want you now you're lucky I didn't take you there in the kitchen." "Pabo!" You said looking back at him upset. "Only for you baby. Now get your sexy ass over there and let me see a show." He said. You turned around to see him going back to his chair and sitting down. He turned on the music player, of course one of his songs, the narcissist. You decided to make this quick if you could give him what he wanted you could go back to the food you worked so hard on that he probably wasn't going to eat now because his 'appetite' was satisfied. He beckoned you to him with a finger and you sighed and walked over to him. You moved your hips along with the music making sure you were on beat. Your hands slid slowly up your body teasing the sight of skin then you pushed the shirt back down. His dark eyes watching you intensely made you nervous but then confident. You could tease Jay as much as you wanted as pay back. You avoided the smirk about to take over your lips and you began to wind around adding emphasis to your ass as you rolled your hips in a circle. You faced him again hooking a thumb into your shorts then pulling a side down ever so slightly so he could see your red laced panties. He liked red on you and you could tell how just seeing it against your skin had affected him. He shifted in his chair, the bulge in his pants grew a little more, his chest rose and fell a little faster and he had licked his lips. He balled up his jeans in his fist trying to maintain himself. That was already threatening to make you giggle. So you turned around again and bent over giving him full view of your ass. Your shorts were already as short as they could possibly be without being underwear they were perfect for showing off your butt. You looked back to see him looking at you with even darker eyes, he was biting his lip hard and his leg was moving restlessly. You shook your butt a little and slowly stood back up with your hands all over you. You flipped your hair and looked back at him. His mouth was open and he was breathing hard trying to control himself. "What is it that you want baby? Tell your baby girl how to please you." You said seductively walking up to him slowly. You straddled him and his hand immediately went to your butt. You started to grind against him and he groaned deeply. You felt him squeeze your butt and you moaned lightly. You place a hand on his shoulders and continued to roll your hips against him. He was so hard now and the feeling of his bulged against your core was starting to feel amazing. You ran your hand through your hair and he grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. You pulled his hand from your butt and placed them on your breast while you started bouncing a little in his lap. You had helped him massage your breast through your bra all the while saying his name in light moans. You got up from his lap and circled around him pulling your shorts down enough so that you could wiggle out of them. Jay leaned his head back to see you and you reached over to undo his button to his pants and he stopped your hand. "Baby girl." He said lowly. His turned on voice was so sexy you wanted him calling your name endlessly. "Touch me again without permission and I'll leave you here hard and unsatisfied." You threatened. His jaw tightened wanting to bite back but he desperately wanted to be pleased. You had him this time. If Jay wasn't fighting you back that meant he needed you far more than you needed him at the moment. He was yours now. Your hand pulled out his hard on from his boxers and you licked your lips. You came down to Jay's neck and said, "So big from a little dance. You did this to yourself you know." "Y/n." He moaned as you began to pet him. "Yes Jay? Tell me what you want baby boy." You cooed. "Come sit on my lap baby girl." He said. As if by fate, Beyonce's song with Sean Paul Baby boy came on just as you walked around to sit on his lap. God this boy loved him some Beyonce. You couldn't really be jealous you had a celebrity crush of your own. You pulled his hands to your waist and nodded to him. He knew just what you were saying. He pulled down your panties and you stepped out of them. He placed kisses on your stomach as he moved down then back up to lean in his chair. You straddled him again not yet letting him inside you. Your hand went back to his shoulder, "Use your tongue handsome." You said. He stuck out his tongue to lick your other hand and suck on your fingers while you rolled your hips onto his erection. The head rolling against your clit and teasing your entrance as well. You were turned on and wet enough but seeing him bend to your will was a rare sight and something you were trying to drink up as much as you could. Your hand slipped between your bodies and you began to palm him, you moved your hand up and down hearing him groan. "Damn it Y/n I need you now." He said through gritted teeth. You chuckled and aligned yourself with him. You began to bounce up and down on his lap. His hands gripping your ass and he pushed inside of you as you came down on him. For a moment he'd let you do all the work then he'd do some work as well. He was cursing into your bra and you moved back to take it off and tossed it to the side. His mouth attacked your breast, licking and sucking on your nipples. Not missing a beat. He nipped at pieces of flesh making you scream a little. His arm wrapped around your waist and your upper back for support and he stood up. He set you at the foot of the bed flipped you around and bent you over the bed post. He rammed into you with such force and speed you cried out his name and gripped the bed sheets. His hand once again on your ass massaging each cheek as he fucked you quickly. He slapped your ass, "Oh Fuck Jay." You moaned loudly. He wasn't yours anymore. On the contrary... You were his. "Come on baby girl, cum for me. Fuck!" He said. You may have teased him too much. He was hungry and he wasn't going to stop until you came. You felt him twitch inside you making you tighten around him and he cursed again. "So good baby." He praised. He laced his fingers through your hair and pulled you up from the bed. He kissed your neck, his tongue trailed up your neck to your jaw before he kissed your ear. "Fucking love you baby." He said. "Shit." He grabbed your neck with one hand and grabbed your breast with the other as he hit deeper inside you. "Oh fuck Jay!" You moaned. You tensed up against him feeling him release inside you at the same time you came. It was so hot, so amazing. He laid you down on the bed and patted your ass below him. He slowly pulled out of you and ran his hand through his hair panting. "Next time don't tease so much baby girl." He said. You sat up on your elbows and looked back at him with a smirk, "If it means a fuck like that I'll tease you more often." He chuckled and jumped into bed next to you propping himself up on one elbow. He cupped your cheek and brought you in for a quick kiss. "Love you baby girl. You're one in a million." "I know." You smiled. He laughed and laid back on his back. You could hear him sniffing and you were as well. "Is something burning?" He asked. "Shit the food!" You yelled as you jumped off the bed to run downstairs and turn off the stove.
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