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First off I'm so sorry about not posting this sooner, I've been working on it since Wednesday... I've just been so distracted this weekend... I hope you enjoy this part. :)
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader x Hoseok Genre: Angst? Part: 5/? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 You had woken the next morning your eyes feeling dry and heavy from crying yourself to sleep the night before. You looked over at you clock on the night stand and cursed at yourself. 'Why did it only have to be 6 am' you though to yourself. You laid in bed tossing and turning for another hour not wanting to get up yet. Once the clock read 7 you sighed and pulled yourself out of bed. You walked to your bathroom to shower. You took a long shower with hot water letting it's comforting heat turn your skin raw. Once finished you had changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt not planning on doing anything for the day. You walked into the living room after grabbing your phone. You sat down turning on the t.v. you watched dramas for the next couple of hours trying to distract yourself. You cried at the sad parts, actually stifled a couple of laughs at the jokes and a few small sad smiles at the happy moments. You also had moments where you couldn't help but cry at everything you saw no matter if it was happy or sad. You had eventually had fallen back to sleep and awoken by your phone ringing. You checked the caller id and saw that it had been Hoseok. You quickly answered and cracked a simple "Hello" your voice still tired from sleep and previous prolonged crying. "Hey (Y/N), what are you doing today?" He asked. "Nothing really I've just woken up from falling asleep while watching dramas." You responded. "Do you want to hang out with Kookie, Tae and I today?" You though for a moment of saying no but you felt the need to get out of the house for a while it suddenly felt suffocating to you. "Yeah sure, whats the plan for today?" You asked. "We're not sure yet but we'll head over there now, we should be there in about 10 minutes." Hoseok told you. "Ok, I'm going to go get ready then, I'll have the door unlocked for you in case I'm not done by the time you get here." You replied. "That's probably a good idea because you take forever." Hoseok teased. "Yah, I don't take that long and just hang up and head over here." You stated as you hung up the phone hearing Hoseok snickering slightly in the background. You walked to your front door unlocking it then walked to your room to get dressed. You wore a pair of dark skinny jeans and a beige kitted sweater with a gray scarf loosely looped around your neck so it hung slightly over your chest. You heard the door open just as you started to put on your make up and Hoseok holler out to you. "Pabo I'm home, where are you?" You holler back out to him "I'm in the bathroom, I'm putting my make up on." You hear no response but instead you see Hoseok walk into the bathroom behind from your veiw of the mirror. You locked eyes with him and gasp putting your eyeliner down and turn around to face him. He looks at you silently and you reach out to touch his bruised face and looking at his split lip you ask "Hobi what in the world happened to you?" You look up at him waiting for a response. He looks at the ground as he answers you "It was nothing don't worry about it." You glare at him not believing him. "Honestly Hoseok that doesn't look like nothing to me." You sighed. "Please don't worry about it, it's honestly nothing." You softly push past him with only one eye fully lined and walked towards the front room looking for the other two boys. "Tae? Kookie?" You asked as you walked into the front room. The two boys looked at you and let out a small snicker at the sight of your make up. You glared at them. "This is no laughing matter, what in the world happened to Hoseok?" You asked. Both boys immediately got quiet and shook their heads as if they knew nothing. You again sighed and walked back to the bathroom. As you passed Hoseok who was walking to the living room you said "Fine you win this time but I will be talking to Jin later. I'm going to find out one way or another." You told him and he just nodded his head. It took you another 10 minutes to finish putting on your make up. The thought of Hoseoks bruised face kept distracting you. Once finished you walked back over the the living room and asked Hoseok "I know you won't tell me what happened but do you want me to use make up to cover up any of your bruises?"  He shook his head and replied smiling "Nah I think it makes me look badass and unapproachable."  Once he finished the two younger boys stated to laugh at his notion. You sighed at him and then smiled back at him and said "Pabo." Once Jungkook calmed down from laughing he asked "So what's the plan for today?" You had stood there from a moment pondering what to do when your stomach let out a loud growl. The three boys were silent for a moment and then they all started to laugh "Well I know for one I need to get something to eat." You said starting to laugh with them. "Oh I know where we could go eat, we haven't been there in forever." Hoseok said when his laughing calmed down but still had a smile playing on his lips. "Wait do you mean Johnny's? They have the best French Toast." You asked getting excited. "You are correct, I think we have a winner here." Hoseok stated playfully. "French toast?! You got me, let's go." Taehyung chimed in sounding excited. You smiled at him and nodded "It's just around the corner so let's just walk there or is it really cold outside?"  Jungkook was the first to respond "Its actually pretty nice out so walking doesn't sound like a bad idea." The other two boys nodded and you all started to walk out the door. Today when you left you locked the door and double checked to make sure the door was locked weary as to what had happened the day prior. The four for you walked out of your apartment and down the street with the two younger walking in front of you and Hoseok playing around with each other like kids do. "So are you ever going to tell me what happened?" You softly asked bringing up the subject again hoping that he would spill. He just shook his head in response again and looked at the ground watching his feet. You sighed."Fine you don't have to tell me but you know you can always tell me right?" He nodded and a couple seconds later he perks up and looks at you "(Y/N) do you want a piggyback ride?" He asked sounding excited. You though for a moment and nodded. He stopped and bent down slightly so you could hop on to his back. After he made sure he had a good hold of you he started running down the street past the younger boys and hollered at them "See you later." You laughed at his actions and looked behind you to see that Taehyung  now had Jungkook on his back and was running after the two you. You all continued this trying to pass each other until you had gotten to the dinner. You got down from Hoseoks back and Jungkook got down from Taehyungs once you reached the door. You all were still laughing as you walked in and sat down at a booth. A waitress walked over to your table and asked what you all had wanted to drink. Taehyung and Jungkook both orded hot chocolate, you orded iced vanilla coffee and Hoseok ordered a hot cup of green tea. When the waitress left you all sat looking at your menus trying to figure out what to order. The waitress came back with all of your drinks and asked if you had been ready to order. You of course had gotten French toast and so did Taehyung, Kookie order a chocolate crepe and Hoseok ordered chocolate chip pancakes.  You took a drink of your iced coffee and Hoseok asked you "How can you manage to drink iced coffee still when it's starting to get cold out?" You shrugged in response "I guess I just like it plus we're inside now its warm." "Anyway what's the plan for after we eat?" You asked. "Let's go to the beach." Taehyung pipped up. "It's to cold to go this time of year though." Hoseok responded. "It's not that cold yet, plus it doesn't sound like a bad idea, it's not like we have to go swimming or anything." You replied. Hoseok nodded "So any objections?" Taehyung asked. "No? Okay then it's settled then." He said smiling. Shortly after your food has come and you all are quickly wanting to set out in your adventure. You and Taehyung had finished eating first and sat waiting til the other two finished. You all payed your bills and set back off to your place. Somehow you ended up going back the same way you had came ridding piggyback on Hoseok with Taehyung now on Jungkooks back chasing each other down the street. Once at your place you decided to pack a small pack with snacks in case anyone had gotten hungry. You packed trail mix, cookies and some fruit. Once finished you all walked out the door and you again double checked to make sure the door was locked after locking it. Once at the car you put the small pack in the trunk and the two younger boys opted to sit it back leaving you the front seat. Once everyone had buckled up Hoseok took off heading for the freeway.
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Now the question is will next chapter still be in (Y/N) or Hoseoks? Namjoon won't be coming back up for a couple of parts but when he does maybe just maybe we'll figure out what's going on with him. x)
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eee Tae and Kooki so cute! and Hobi oh you keeping silent. lol love it! 💙💙