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Alright I was trying to post earlier today but had issues with things and now I'm finally posting....Alright I hope you like this new story. continue reading... Part 2
I used to be a happy girl. Always thinking on the bright side. That was until I had been in a shitty relationship for several years. After being hurt I had my heart broken and didn't want to love anyone and had become an angry person. I was done. I didn't need to be loved and didn't want it. I hated couples that were so happy. It wouldn't last. I was walking down the street when I was walking by a couple. I heard this girl say to this guy. "Come on why can't you just love me?" "I told you I don't like you that way." "That's not true...why are you nice to me then." She asked "That's my personality" he said. "That's not true!" "Listen were not even friends we just have mutual friends I don't and will never like you. I'm sorry you thought there was more." He said backing away. I was about to walk around them when she grabbed his hand and yanked him towards her. I didn't like the way this girl was being. I grabbed her hand and ripped it off of him. They both looked at me. "You should not force someone to love you... Its going to hurt you more and then you'll turn cynical. Why don't you find someone who can love you back." I saw myself as this girl and didn't want her hurting like me. If I could at least help her....wait It was odd that I had even stopped their fight. I guess I still care about others deep down. I turned to the guy. "You can go now." This I said in a tone that scared him. I was pissed at him. "Oh...ok" he said and ran off. "Wait Chanyeol!" The girl said and he was gone. She turned back to me." Why'd you do that! He knows he loves me." "Do you want to be broken?" I asked "What?" "If you keep doing what your doing you'll get broken and never want love again....just remember that." I said and walked off. The girl never followed him. After a while of walking I saw the guy from before. He was with a group of guys. I stopped. Did they really have to block the door? "Excuse me" I said dully, but loud enough for them to hear me. They looked at me "Can you please move" with that they moved. I went into the store and grabbed a drink and some snacks. I was debating if I should grab actual food when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around. "Hey your the girl from earlier. Thank you for that." He said "I didn't do it for you... I did it for her." "Still you did help me out. What's your name?" "Why does it matter?" "I just wanted to names can I have your name." He smiled.... What a weirdo. I'll just say my name and leave. "(y/n)" I started to go to the counter. "Maybe well see each other again." He commented and then walked away. What an idiot. He just likes to hit on every girl. I walked home and opened my door. "I'm home." I said even though Noone would answer back. This is the only thing I can't get used to. Living alone. Maybe I should get a pet. Maybe then i wouldn't be so lonely.
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We all need more!! Good job with the story👍
I need more!!!!!
Aww I'm glad you like it you won't have to wait long for the next chaoter
add me... I really liked this
Wow! Great job!
Wow! this is good!! PLEASE post the nextoone asap!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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ok your 2 hours ahead