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Here's Hyung line!

Maknae line card here. LINE Webtoon app here.


How to Love: advice, cartoon, heartwarming Annarasumanara: dreams, deep, drama All That We Hope to Be: slice of life, animals Because he's kind and complex.
If Namjoon had a webtoon, I feel like he'd give advice, which is where How to Love comes in. Annarasumanara is about following your dreams, which I've learned is a lot harder to even begin in the first place. Namjoon thankfully found his dream and followed it to high places. All That We Hope To Be states the problems of youth and people in general, through short panels of cute animals that make you think. Definitely Namjoon-esque.


Smile Brush: My Old Pictures: heartwarming, memories, jokes Because he's seasoned and proud.
Sometimes I feel like he doesn't embrace his age enough. If he made a webtoon, he'd share his stories with a hint of humor. He wouldn't be afraid to share some of his embarrassing stories because he knows they're a part of life.


Brutally Honest: comedy DEAD DAYS: thriller, zombies, music in some chapters All That We Hope to Be: slice of life, animals Because he's passionate and real.
Brutally Honest reminds me of his honesty even if he doesn't share the same problems as the protagonist. If Yoongi made a webtoon, he'd probably put in a lot of thought, work, and details since he's perfectionistic - just like the author of DEAD DAYS. On another note, I could see him making something like All That We Hope to Be which is short, simple, and deep all at the same time.


The Sound of Your Heart: comedy, Korean Randomphilia: comedy, hope Because he's hilarious and uplifting.
Hoseok would make a funny webtoon no matter what. The Sound of Your Heart reminds me of him - at first it may look kinda wacky and turn you off a little, but the more you understand it, the funnier it gets. Randomphilia is also silly but there are some chapters that give advice and hope.