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Hello my fellow Storia! Its Melissa, one of your History mod supporters. Today is Saturday, which means it's Imagine If time.
Imagine if your crush happens to be your boss. Your boss happens to have a crush with a fellow co-worker. But that female co-worker isn't interested in your boss. She likes someone else. She tries to get close to you. Your boss totally misunderstands the situation. He thinks you are ruining his chances. He has a big surprise waiting for him. Can you imagine if there is a big twist to this.
Imagine if your crush happens to be your boss. You just became assistant to Kyungil, one of the leaders of the company you work at. You had known him before joining the company. You were never his type. A friend of a friend help you get this job. Melissa was that friend of a friend. She was also a leader in the company. She has been super nice to you since the day you started. After a couple months with Kyungil, you realized that he has a big crush on Melissa. He would do anything for her. Its like she doesn't even notice the extra effort he puts in his work to impress her. Melissa has been super friendly with you. She would always make time to chat with you. She wants to make sure you are doing ok in your new position. One afternoon, Melissa stops by your desk. She saks if you were free that night. She wanted to celebrate her birthday with you and other friends. Since you had mutual friends, you didn't think nothing wrong with going. So you accepted her Invitation. Melissa was so happy that gave a happy yay! This caught Kyungil attention. He was at the door of his office wondering what is going on. He sees Melissa giggling with you. He wondering what is going on with them two. He has been trying to get with Melissa for awhile. He even let her chose his new assistant, just to get some brownie points with her. It turned out to be you, who he knew you had a crush on him since college. But you weren't his type. Now Melissa was perfect for him. She seems to be pretty close to you. He is hoping you aren't ruining his chances to get with Melissa. Melissa! Can I speak to you for a moment. Kyungil calls out to Melissa. She rolls her eyes before whispering something to you. He couldn't help noticed your shock expression. He was wondering what it was about as Melissa walks in his office. Kyungil closes the door. Melissa I remember today is you're Birthday, so I got you a gift and a card. He says while handling them to Melissa. Thank you Kyungil! You really shouldn't gone to the trouble. Melissa says while opening the card first. In the card, it says Melissa, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and say how much you mean to me. I hope one day you are able to return these feelings to me. I really like you Melissa. Sincerely Kyungil. After reading, Melissa was embrassed. Kyungil, I'm so sorry but I already have someone I like. I'm planning on confessing at my Birthday Celebration with my friends. She mentioned how you are invited. Melissa apologize again and leaves his office. Kyungil was in shock. He thinks you know who Melissa likes. He thinks Melissa is making it up because He's been watching her. He never seen her with another man but him. He thinks you are ruining things with Melissa. He goes looking for you but you have gone home for the day. Melissa gave her permission to leave. By this time, he was in full rage mood. The next morning, Kyungil was waiting for you by your desk. As soon as you were close enough, he grabs your arm and drags you into his office. He demands to know why you meddling between him and Melissa. You tell him that you have no idea what he is talking about. Why did she invite you tb her birthday celebration? He asks her. Why is Melissa saying she like someone else? He demands to know. You look away from him. What's going on? I know Melissa made it up because she liked up til you showed up. You have been spreading stories about me, so I'll look bad to her. Did you tell her how I rejected your feelings for me in public? Kyungil shouts at you. During his rant, you couldn't believe the nerve of this man. This man who had a special spot in your heart. With every hurtful word he says, he breaks a piece at a time. It was time to deliver the death punch to his ego. You have it all wrong, Kyungil. I got nothing to do with Melissa's decisions on who she likes or doesn't likes. In fact, your name is hardly mention. Only time is when Melissa is mocking you because you think you are gods gift to women. She doesn't see what women see in you. She admits you are brilliant but nothing else. You let it out for him to understand. I know Melissa likes me, just like you still have feelings for me. Kyungil smirks at you. No Kyungil, she really doesn't like you like that. You aren't even her type. As for me, yes I still do have feelings for you. But I know I'm not your type, so I don't have false hope like you. Kyungil couldn't believe you. How do you know Melissa doesn't like me? I never seen with another man but me. Kyungil looks so confused. Time for the truth. I know Melissa doesn't like you and that you aren't her type. You answered back. How do you know? I think you are lying. He demands to know the truth, so you give it to him. Because she confessed her feelings for me last night. She is in love with me. She prefers women over men, so you were never her type. With that you turn around and walk out of Kyungil's office. You left a very shock and embrassed boss in his office. Can you Imagine if that happen? That would be a crazy situation to be in. Well I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Imagine If Saturday.
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well that was a quite shutdown lol I can see myself being that person and just imagine how he'll look every time he sees us together. Good plot
really? I'm glad you like it @Storiamom426