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Well unfortunately as of this morning at 9:21 am (PST) my tablet screen broke :'( TT~TT it still can turn on but half the screen is unusable as in the touch doesn't work.
This wouldn't bother as much BUT this is my second tablet my first broke back last year and was 100% my fault...never mix alcohol with acrobatics you break your tablets xD. So now I'm locked out of my apps Bleach Brave Souls being my biggest issue because now I can't grind. I'm only really bummed about losing another app SuperMii and that's because I'm not sure if any of my stuff saves to an account or not. But BLEACH! I NEED IT! on a non joking level I'm barely functional without it. Even going so far as to resetting my phone so I can play it...I can't however I can log in and that's OK for right now just till I can replace the damn thing.
I'm sure this doesn't mean anything to anyone else but I felt like sharing it anyway to be a little personal :) Love my best friend @Zeenyte for helping me take my mind off it and being there for me :) So I'm gonna smoke some cigs and get drunk to forget today ever happened take care everyone and happy holidays :D P.S. I'm still moderating the Bleach (Anime) community don't think your post won't be removed due to absence >:3 MUWAHAHAHAHA!
tragic tragic
you poor soul you (╥﹏╥)
I know DX what's worse is my brains trained in having so I keep wondering where it is TT~TT