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This week is a bunch of scenarios of you and Dowoon! I got all of these off various tumblrs and all the credit goes to them.
Your first date - fkyeahkpop
I feel like this little cutie would need a lot of advice from his hyungs to come up with ideas to wow you, after all this meant a lot to him. Despite all their advice he’d go with his heart and for something simple, a picnic. Every time he’d get nervous he’d start tapping, whether its his legs, the ground, anything. But eventually, as his nerves died down and he started to get more comfortable with you, his big smile would come out and he would finally gather the courage to hold your hand.
When his girlfriend is very loud and outgoing etc. - day6-reactions
I don’t think Dowoon would really like it if his girlfriend is like over the top with her loudness and crazyness. Once in a while if fine but if it’s like an all day every day type of thing, I feel like he’d go all awkward(?) because Dowoon is a pretty quiet guy, I also think he’d feel somewhat uncomfortable because he isn’t as loud or as crazy.
You ran right into his arms when he opened the door. It had been a week and a half since you’ve seen your boyfriend, since he was off shooting for his album jacket.
“I missed you.” You say as you squeezed him.
“I missed you, too.” He coos, returning an equally strong squeeze around you. “But you know what I want more than a hug right now?”
You look up at him and raised an eyebrow, “what?”
“Kiss me.” He pleads, “I miss your lips on mines.”
You let out a giggle before giving him a soft peck on his lips, before pulling him to the couch. As he went to sit, his eyes went to focus on the flannel on the recliner on the other side of the room.
“Did you buy a new flannel?” He asks.
You looked over in the direction he was looking and realized who it belonged to.
You shook your head, “oh no, it’s Youngjae’s. He came over to help me move some things around and forgot it here.”
His face dropped in sadness and let out a humph, “Youngjae came over here while I was out of town?”
“Yeah, is there a problem with that babe?” You question, feeling worried that he didn’t approve of Youngjae being over here.
“Oh no. Did you guys do anything else besides move stuff around?”
“Dowoon what are you talking—wait. Are you jealous?” You ask with a smile pulling at your lips.
“I am not.” He protests, crossing his arms across his chest.
“You so are.” You tease, “you look so cute when you’re jealous.”
“I wish I could hate you. I hate when you tease me, but I’ve missed you so much to hate you.” He says before pulling you into his arms and smothering you in kisses.
“Dowoon!” You squeal, trying to pry him off of you.
“That’s not going to stop me baby~ you’ve awaken the beast inside of me.” He laughs before planting more kisses around your face.
Dowoon as a teacher -dawonaf
>its his first year of teaching >chemistry teacher >accidentally blows stuff up on multiple occasions >whenever the fire alarm goes off, the office calls his class and they’re just like “was that you, mr.yoon?” >only did labs >never taught a lesson >he’s not really a good teacher >but everyone has an A >plays disney music during class >anime club advisor
Dowoon as a high school student - dawonaf
>“Most Likely To Crash On Your Couch”
>mistaken as a freshman all of high school
>rides his bike to school
>works in the cafeteria
>still gets lost even tho he’s a senior
>always drumming his fingers on his desk and it lowkey irritates everyone after a while
>the guy who wears the school mascot outfit
>falls asleep in 1st period all the time
>wears basketball shorts and a t shirt year round
>most unathletic person in PE
>accidentally walked into the girls locker room
>walks really slowly
>trips while walking the stage at graduation
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This was great! :3 I loved the teacher one. I could totally see him like that.