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sorry if I took long to post it up I have 2 jobs so it's been hard.
Suga's P.O.V. So much tears are coming down my cheeks right now. "(Y/N) please wake up. Don't leave me alone like this." I hug her holding her tight against my chest. "I can't lose you. It's all my fualt I'll never forgive myself if you go like this please. " What am I doing I need to get her some help. I get my phone out and call for Jin. He answers. "JIN PLEASE HURRY UP AND GET HERE (Y/N) ISNT BREATHING SHES BEEN BEATEN UP PRETTY BADLY PLEASE COME AND HELP ME! " I hang up. "(Y/N) hold on Jin is coming. Jin finally came with the rest of the members and we rushed (y/n) to the hospital. The whole ride there I'm holding (y/n)'s hand not wanting to let her go. We finally get to the hospital and they take her away. Now all I can do is wait....
(Y/N)'s P.O.V. I can hear echoes of peoples voices starting to become clearer. Where am I? I open my eyes to see that I'm staring at a ceiling. I'm on the floor. I'm at a hospital but I see no one but I can hear them. "Hello? " I call out but no one responds. Where is everyone. I walk down the white hallways but still there's no one. What the hell is going on. I start wondering off and I stopped immediately. "I'm sorry there's nothing we can do. " "NO PLEASE THERE'S GOTTA BE SOMETHING YOU CAN DO PLEASE! " I recognize that voice. "YOONGI!" I call out but all I hear is my echo. I start running around looking for where his voice is coming from. I check every room but I stop immediately at this one room that says my name on the tag. I slowly start to turn the door knob. I start to peak through the door slowly. I see Yoongi sitting in a chair with his face buried in his hands. Tears are going down his cheeks. I turn my head toward the hospital bed and see a body but with a white sheet over it. I think that person died but who is it. My poor Yoongi is crying. I walk towards the body on the bed. I start to pull down the white sheet to see who it is and once I saw who it is I collapsed to the ground. My legs feel so heavy tears are rolling down. "No it can't be...why.. it's me... " I start to sobb. "It's all my fault... if only I would of gotten out of the car sooner....if only I would of helped you out sooner... it's all my fualt. " I hear Yoongi start sobbing. "No stop being angry with yourself please I don't want to see u like this. " I try to put my hand over his but it just goes straight through his. He gets up immediately and starts punching the wall. "YAHH ITS ALL MY FUALT PLEASE (Y/N) PLEASE COME BACK I NEED YOU! " His hands are becoming red now they are slowly bleeding. "YOONGI IM RIGHT HERE PLEASE STOP YOUR HURTING YOURSELF! " But I know he can't hear me. I can feel a stabbing pain in my chest. It hurts me so much to see him like this. I stand up and I put my hand on his shoulder. My hand isn't going through this time. He stops as tho as he feels my hand is there. "(Y/N) I'm sorry I'm so so so sorry. " he sobbs as he leans against the wall and starts sliding to the ground. I sit next to him. I wish I can help him with his bleeding fist but cant. I hear his other members come in. They all pick him up but he's so cold to them now. He just pushes them away from him. "Please Yoongi don't do anything stupid. " I whisper softly. Now all I can do is watch over him......
What you guys think? Also I'm thinking of making another page of like just kpop in general fan fictions what do you guys think of that? Also sorry for the wait and for that it's shorter than the last time. the beauties ❤: @Ercurrent @KaeliShearer @Orihemay @tinathellama @KoreanDramaMaMa @kyky97 @KristinaCaron @BrendaPham @Bizzycx @MomoChamie @MykelHobbs @SarahVanDorn @tiffany1922 @BridgetJara @YulianaVidales @JessicaEvaristo @mellyortiz @elizabeth1234 @HoangAnhDo @tinafalcon22 @Izzy987 @Spark2015 @EverieMisfit @SaraHanna @Mavis2478 @TracyLynnn @ShellyVargas
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