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Hyungwon Injured?
Monsta X is currently overseas for their fan event in the Philippines right now and Hyungwon was seen in the airport limping... It has not been confirmed or nothing has been said about him having an injury, but his limping is very obvious if you ask me..
Click here for Video~ I really hope the UB rests and is not walking a lot because I honestly don't want it to worsen. The thing that I was afraid of happening is happening like last year Hero injuries... These guys need rest :( (Sorry just my thoughts.)

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//has several heart attacks 😭😭😭
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Someone mentioned the video in MXcord, and someone else said that it was just cuz he's so tall. I dunno.
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hmm maybe but once he was outside towards the end of the video... he is seen like in pain limping then stopping... but maybe it can be. Really hope he is not injured though 😣
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That would be terrible if it is true and they are trying to hide it.
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@MonAnnahiX yeah, it looks like he can't walk right. It's like he's favoring his foot.
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2016 is a terrible year
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*sigh* Yessss 😔😢😭😭💔
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