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I'm posting early in the morning today lol. its going to be a long day. lol no exciting. I get to go see my bestie, just a few hours drive :) Hi Tiger! yup that's you! anyway panda wanted to make sure this got out okay!
After Sarah ran into her room Jenni got so confused on what just happened. She looked down at the kitty rubbing against her leg and picked it up. "Oh none of this is your fault. I think I made Sarah sad I'm moving out" Jenni spoke to the kittenm "come on baby let's get you fed" she said taking the kitten into the kitchen. As she fed suga she called up Namjoon. "Are you anywhere close?  Wondering if you can bring kookie over with you" she asked. "Why?" Namjoon questioned on the phone. "Yea, the kitten made Sarah soft hearted but she's kind of crying in her room. I think she took the news of me moving out harsher then I thought" jenni told him. There was a heavy sigh then she heard namjoon telling Kooki to come with him. "We're on our way" he said then hung up. "That's good. Oh suga where are you going?'  She followed her to the bathroom and finally picked the kitten up. Next to her was a piece of toliet paper that had gotten dropped. When she went to throw it a way she spotted a pregnancy test. Jenni was confused but realized, that's why Sarah was so emotional lately. Sitting on the floor jenni held the kitten as she got over the shock that her friend was pregnant. Granted she didn't go digging in the trash she knew what the test would say. A knock at the door had her startled and the kitten leaped out of her arms. Kooki came in just as Jenni came out of the bathroom. He said hi and Jenni waved and pointed to Sarah's door. Namjoon came a few more minutes later. 'She didn't take it well?" He asked. "Uh not really" jenni shook her head. "I think she's going to let me keep the cat though" Jenni added making him laugh. "Well I can't see her not letting you" namjoon chuckled. "You think kooki will want to move in with her? I mean not precisely here but somewhere else?" Jenni asked. "Well kooki is the youngest, he likes having everyone around like a big family but I think in time he will" Namjoon said. Her face fell. "I know you don't want to leave her on her own after you move out but everything will be fine" Namjoon said pulling her closer to his side. "Hmm maybe" she nodded as a thought ran through her head, but she kept it to herself. They talked for a little bit longer, jenni sat there holding onto the kitten. Namjoon found it funny Sarah named the cat suga, but it made him laugh and realize it did resemble suga. After the boys left Sarah came out of her room. "Um Jenni, we need to talk" Sarah said looking serious. "Yea, think we need to have a talk" jenni said as she took a seat on the couch as Sarah sat in the chair. "I have something to tell you and you can't tell namjoon or kooki" Sarah said. "What is it?" Jenni asked. "Jenni. . .  .  panda. . . . Jen Jen. . . " "What is it? Sarah your scaring me" jenni said. Okay she had a feeling what she was going to say and wanted to let her say it but her reaction was going to break out soon. "Okay" she breathed in and out. "I'm pregnant" "EEEEEE" Jenni let out a high pitch squeal. A  smile crossed her face. "Oh Sarah I am so excited for you!!! I can't believe your going go be a mommy" her words were slowing down when sarah grew more remorse over this. "Sarah are you not happy about this? You love children, your doing it out of order but that can be fixed" my words slowed down again. "Kooki doesn't want the child?" Jenni asked. "He doesn't want one right now, maybe in a year he said" Sarah said. "Hmm how bout 9 months, or maybe 8. That close enough to next year?" Jenni tilted her head and asked. "Jenni. That's not what he meant and you know it" sarah glared. "No I actually don't. I don't know how he reacted when . . . you didn't really tell him just asked what he thought of a baby didn't you?" Jenni accused. "Kind of. Jenni what am I going to do? Should  I get rid of it?" Sarah asked panicked and Jenni went wide eyed. "Should I find a metal hanger?" She asked. Sarah stared then laughed as she smacked her friend. "I can't believe you!" She laughed. "That was how serious I took your question" jenni pointed out, which in truth was no that serious. "Come on tomorrow we'll get a doctors appointment and see what's going on with you" jenni said. Sarah nodded. "Uh Tiger question.  Do you not want me to move out? If kooki doesn't want the child I'll be here to help you raise the kid. Screw boys! Girl power all the way!" Jenni pumped her fist in the air. Sarah laughed. she was laughing at Jenni. "You have a boyfriend Jen Jen and its really nice of you to offer but you already made plans with Joonie didn't you?" Sarah pointed out. "Screw that" she waved her hand in the air "plans can change. Which is why I'm offering. Do you want me to stay and help you raise the baby? Oh you named the kitten can I name your child?" Jenni asked excitedly. Sarah stared at her in horror. "No! Absolutely not! You are not allowed to name my child. And you know what! This is moving to fast" Sarah stood up in a huff. "Are we? You took the test in the bathroom, it came out positive" jenni said. "You saw?" Sarah looked at her. "Suga got curious" jenni shrugged. "And no I did not tell Joonie. I wouldn't do that" she shook her head. "Well it could be a false alarm" sarah said but Jenni shook her head. "Sarah I think we should get you a doctors appointment and found out for certain" Jenni said. "Okay. I'll set it up tomorrow" sarah nodded.
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That tiger picture's cute, is it a painting? Oh my gosh, these past couple a days and these past couple of chapters...reality hittin me like a train 🚂
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Ahhhh!! Sometimes
omo well done emergency room lol that will get us in the same day...but yea I think Jen Jen this was a very nice uodate
If I could get a doctor's appointment that fast, I'd probably have a heart attack. Well Tae and JHope will be excited, but Eomma Jin will have a fit at first. Accidents happen though and they'll be fine.