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did poliwag take acid, like damn.
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that looks amazing
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***If this comment gets 15 hearts I will photoshop the whole evolution line in Alolan form over winter break.*** Alolan Poliwag Type: Dark/Water Ability: Cursed Body/Poison Point Story: When Poliwag was introduced to the Alola region they were left in a pitch-black cave. As a result of this, they went mostly blind. Their eyes can only see fuzzy outlines of others. They can also use their eyes to hypnotize foes. The water in the cave had a special quality that made their skin more slippery, and the ability to sacreat poison at will when threatened.
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That was awesome and I hope you get your 15 likes because I need to see that.
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he has seen some shit....
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awesome , I wat one!
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