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2NE1 has been around for a quite a while and they've continuously put out music that was unique and one of a kind. But which one is your favorite?

Favorite Song: It Hurts

I'm a sucker for slow jams and I fell in love with this song the instant I heard it. The message in the song is so relatable...I honestly can't stop myself from crying when I listen to this. Definitely my favorite!

Favorite MV: Gotta Be You

One thing I adored about 2NE1 were their stellar MVs. They were always so vibrant and intriguing and purely AMAZING! Gotta Be You is my favorite though, simply because of their wadrobe. Minzy with red hair is life, okay?

Be sure to leave your favorite song and MV in the comments or make your own card if you want to!

To be honest, I was never really a fan of 2ne1. I was slowly trying to get into their music though. But it still breaks my heart that such a talented group of girls is finally coming to an end, even after so many years.... My favorite song by 2ne1 has to be "Ugly" since I can totally relate to that song and it gets to me every time. My favorite MV has to be "It Hurts" since I love the whole Halloween concept and they all look so cool and Halloween dude!!
I actually went to a K-pop club last night and they did a tribute to 2NE1 and they played gotta be you. as far as favorite songs I'd say I am the best, come back home and go away. my favorite music video is go away