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Lol jimin's shadow in that one slide does look like a Disney prince.
I absolutely love the 'king of not giving a fuck about gender' Jimin and the flower crown is cute and I want to cry at the one where they start with a few fans and grow to a whole frickin stadium because I wish I could be with a group from the very beginning and watch as they grow and gain more fans and I'm so frickin proud of them, they've grown so much and gone through a lot to be where they are today and going from rookie award to frickin ALBUM OF THE GODAMN YEAR LIKE HOLY SHITEU! And the AAA's and MMA's and Jimin was crying during the V live and Hobi was crying and now I'm tearing up...the Jin and jungle one was funny though but screaming "Jimin you got no jams" just to get his attention isn't funny, it might have been at first but people need to stop saying that and the fact that it happen at the 2016 Kcon just makes it worse like, I thought people would be respectful enough to just drop it.
And I don't sleep on my Joonie so thanks for clearing that up Tae but what's with the pure black eyes?