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What do I like about Franky?

MY BOY FRANKY! Okay so ama be completly honest here and I think so of you guys out there can agree with me.... I really didn't like Franky at first hahah I actually hated him lol but not because he was a bad character but because he was a HUGE JERK lol I never had him on my mind ONES that he was going to be the next Straw Hat crew member lol I was like this guy is the bad guy for this story arc!?!?!? lol but then I learned to LOVE HIM hahaha He's such a badass with hes arms and the COLA! Also he's hair due... you can't forget that amazing hair of he's LOL XD And I ALSO LOVED HOW HE GOT SOOOO BUFF AFTER THE TIME SKIP hahah he looks like a badass beast >:)
I LOVED THIS HUGE ROBOT HE MADE TOO freaken amazing x) and the best part is that when Franky does he's ultimate attack it doesn't come from the robot lol it comes from Franky himself hahah wich proves how powerful Franky really is!