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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 *background noise*“and in other news. The members of world renowned Big Bang Koreas World ambassadors were seencoming out of The Ritz-Carlton in Gangnam Seoul earlier today with A young woman, and what seems tobe a small child. This is a developing story, and once we have more details you can be sure to see themhere. We have video footage of this event, in this footage you will see that Seungri is removing his coat tocover a child in TaeYung-ssi’s arms.” “Nim, Nim. Your Daughters are on the news and in Korea Nim!” shouted a stout almost bald man who was sitting in front of said T.V. “what do you mean you dope, they are in the states where they are supposed to be…” gripes a younglooking “Non” -executive type standing at a very large corner window….“Nim i wouldnt lie, one of them Was on Kwon Ji Yong’s arm!!! “you gotta be kidding me!” he shouted. “rewind it… NOW!” “Ye, Nim!” Mr. Stout bald man just did as he was told….Viewing the footage again, form the first time… his hands curled into fists, and he slams them onto the breakfast table….“Nim, Chebal. You have a show tonight. Please, do not get hurt...” stout begs…Through gritted teeth with a side of seething anger… the monster came forth… “GET ME THAT GOT DAMN VIDEO AND FIND OUT WHERE THEY ARE!!!” “I’m on it Nim.” Stout picks up his phone and dials for the ritz-carlton. “security management please.” Stout says to the front desk consierge. “yes, I am the head of security detail for Two-faced records, please I need a copy of all the footage from today up until your 2pm…” “I would like to assist you with that but all tht footage has been removed by YG entertainment for security reasons, may I ask who is requesting this footage?” said the voice on the “Nim, they say they no longer have the footage in their possession.” Said stout. “give me the damn phone!” he grumbled. “yes this is Paul Jeong with Two-Faced Recording THOSE ARE MY DAUGHTERS AND I NEED THT FOOTAGE POST HAST!” “Gemini, Sir, I do apologize, but as I stated before, YG has the videos.” “ye I see, I will call him now, thank you…”and throws Stouts mobile phone clear across the room where it lands with a clack on the floor. “I will get you a new one. Mianey!” *pauls inner monologue* “the dumb bitch did it. She fucking did it! Now what am I going to do? My daughters are here, and they don’t even know that I exist. (like that bothers you, you walked away from her, you left her. She was free to do as she saw fit with her children.) but god damn it, why did she have to come to Korea? Why did she have to come now of all the damn inopportune times!!!” "Nim, I have been with you for years and although I have seen you at your worst, I have never seen you this bothered… no problem on the phone, I was due for an upgrade…” stout replied. “get YG on the phone. Use mines.” “ye, Nim.” *background noise* "breaking News, we have received more details in the devolping story regarding Big Bang. We have received from an annonymos informant that the group of 5 are located at a local hospital. We still do not know details on this developing story, but we have more footage of the Quintet entering arm in arm with 2 young women earlier believed to be only one, and with a young child… who is quite the adorable little girl by the pig tails she is wearing.” “FIND THAT HOSPITAL!” ordered Paul. “ye Nim.” Stout jumped on the house phone. With the baby being entrtained by her “pink hair Tae-Yang” . the 22 yr old sleeping off her headache and her tiny hiccups of sobs… JiYong right by her side… Daesung holding his new bride in his arms trying to help bring her down from the adrenaline rush wracking her body. T.O.P pacing by the door. Seungri sitting gazing out the window. Waiting for the doctors to give them some sort of news with what could possibly be their Eomeonis health issues….
*Mother’s dream* I’m sitting in a lounge of some sort music thumping loudly yet muffled. "its been a while since I’ve had a good time, so pardon my shyness.” “no worries, im just glad I didn’t knock off the VIP balcony , who were you with or did you come alone?” “I came with a friend, but she found a dance partner, so she is down there, having the time of her life.” You said looking over your glass. “so, you are here with no boyfriend, ditched by your girlfriend, have no dancing abilities, but you love to sip on smooth drinks. And I almost killed you.” The young savior said matter of factly. “and here you are with me now, are you afraid of being up here with me, alone, and drinking?” “mm mm. I’m a big girl… I can take care of myself. Thank you very much.” I flirtatiously cooed, crossing my legs. “sooo then I can guess that you are ok if I do this.” He walked over and pulled me up into his arms and slithers his arms around my waist.and brings me close to him… So close to where I could see the pulse in his jugular vein… “this does not bother me. In fact… I kind of like the view from here.” You said inhaling his scent so you could geolocate him if the need be. “then it would be safe if I went ahead and did this..” and lowered his lips to yours. Where he began to slowly peck at the door of what would be your undoing. Bringing his arms tighter around your waist. He stopped.Unbenounced to you you exhaled “No!” He smiled… “If I continue down this path, I will not let you go, will you be ok with that? I mean I know I do not know you personally but I would like to, and I would love to be able to call you my own.” He said… and Just so he would continue his earlier ministrations.you asked… “What? I mean…. How old are you? Because you are probably old enough to be my Son.” You exhaled and stepped back. “please don’t.” he cried reaching to pull you in “please do not step away, you are a grown woman, and I am well over the age of being a minor. But when I saw you from the stage I just had to know who you were.” "W-w-what, you saw me from the stage?” you slammed into his chest.“DON’T leave. Please. Let me learn how to make you happy.” He said. “just so you know, I am opposed to becoming a cradle robber.” You said. With a giggle he answered. “ far from it. So do I have your permission to continue to see you?” "since you are obviously delusional. And you will forget me come tomorrow. So eh. Why the hell not.” “remember, I will never let you go. I promise.” He stated. “what is your name?” I asked. “you came to my concert and you are asking my name.” “im sorry what?!!! YOUR CONCERT!!! OH SHIT! IM IN FOR IT NOW! MY DAD IS GOING TO FLIP” you chided yourself. “why would your dad get upset, I mean you're a big girl… you said it yourself…” he countered. “not In the aspect of dateing. In that matter its his call, not mines.” “why?” he asked. “because my dad arranges all our marriages.” I answered. “ok, I need his number, and your complete name.” “uhhh why?” “well if you don’t run, and Im not letting go, because it would be bad if you did. After accepting me.” Your ears perked at that last part. “I am going to have a contract sent to his home by morning. And you and your children will be under my care from this point on!” “whoa whoa wait. What?”Things were moving to fast for you. But in a round about way, you didn’t want it to stop. Finally someone willing to put a stop to all your antics, and hopefully somone who can give you what you want in the bed room… As he made his phone call, you just lookd at this young man in every sense of the word, and was just floored by his attitude towards you and your situation. You think… your nerves fully pricked and your adrenaline racing through your veins. You just looked at him and was blank in thought. “now… where were we?” he said. He walked back over to you and snaked his arms around your waist, and looks at you. “will you stay with me tonight?” “I don’t have anywhere to be in the morning. Aside from home, to make breakfast. I’m good until then.” You said. “good, come on. Lets get out of here.” He said…“umm we still have the matter of your name and age…” “oh? Yes… umm my name is Paul. Paul Jeong but everyone just calls me Gemini.” He answered. You choked on your spit. “I’m sorry who?!! Did you say G-g-gemini?” you voice skipped. “yes is there a problem with that?” he said grabbing your bag that held your ID and house keys.“mm no. Nope… just that well I’m doing more than robbing the cradle… I’m turning into a ravenous COUGAR.” He giggled. Walking over to to you, snaks his arm around you pulls into him… “yeah, and you are all mines!” he said over your lips before plunging his tongue onto your mouth taking ownership of your soul. As if that were the way to pull it out from behind your eyes.
*the here and now* Tears rolled down your unconscious cheeks. And T.O.P noticed. “heyyy, why do you cry?” his deep lulling voice cooed into your ear… his hand came to yours. Stroking it gently…. Reaching for his handkerchief to wipe the tears away… While reaching for your face there is a knock at the door. A doctor walked through… “And who are the immediate family?” he asked.“we all are.” Jiyong answered.“what a fortunate woman to have her family here. Who is that lying on the sofa?” the doctor asked.“she is my wife, her daughter.” Answered Jiyong. “I see. Well. We got a few results back. we are waiting for more. But as of right now, I can tell you, she is very lucky to have made it here when she did.” He said “what do you mean doctor?” demanded T.O.P “I’m sorry you are?” “her Guardian. Is there a problem?” T.O.P. asked. “hyung, there is no need. I can take care of Eomeoni.” Jiyong squared. “oh I’m going to love what imma say next…” T.O.P. had a smile on his face. “please go by your wife, and listen to your father!” Seungri and Daesung as well as TaeYang all giggled…“shhhh mimi seeping” said the four yr. old “well now who do we have here?” asked the Doctor.“ahnyegaheseyo. Nae ileum-eun Lunawa naega Halmeoniga joh-ahaneungeoya.” (hello my Luna i am Grandmothers favorite) The 4 yr old answered and bowing very respectfully. Daesung's jaw hit the floor. Taeyangs eyes bulged, Seungri choked on his imaginary drink. Jiyong's head snapped towards his new neice, and bent down and spoke to her…“who taught you to speak so well, my heart?” he asked.“mimi pay for school and my Tia would walk with there and her go to pick me up.” She answered. He smiled, and picked her up. ‘here sit right here while we talk to the doctor, yes?” She nodded. And stayed on the sofa, next to her Aunt.“you were saying Doctor.” Said T.O.P. “ahh ye, her blood pressure rose to a very unhealthy level. She also has some abnormal blood counts, she seems to be fighting an infection of some sort. Are there any medical records that we can locate… her physician from home maybe.” He said.“I can have all that information to you by the end of the night.” Jiyong said. “there will be no need for that, here.” The 23 yr old removed a lovely bracelet from her wrist. But it was not a bracelette, it was a usb identification bracelette, with a medical ID insignia on it. She always carries her medical records and family info on her person at all times… I hope for her sake it has been updated. And I do hope you can find what you are looking for.” She said.
*Gemini* Gemini answered his phone.“I need that footage from Ritz earlier this afternoon, but i am going to need everything from the crack of dawn, up until the time the boys left the premises” Gemini said to the head of security at YG entertainment. “I am sorry sir that's personal info regarding YG Artists, and we are not able to give that footage out.” The voice on the other end replied. “PUT YG ON THE PHONE NOW!!” gemini yelled into the phone. “Yes Sir, please hold.” Transfers call “this is YG.” "YG, hyung, this is Paul at TwoFaced. I believe you have something that I need and I would like a copy of it please.” He said into the recever. “and what would that be, Paul?” “the footage from earlier today, with your boys, from Big Bang.” He answered. “and why would you need that, it is of no concern of yours.” YG answered. “for your information YG. Hyung, those were my daughters in the arms of your members. And I want that footage NOW! I am trying to locate my WIFE!” “im sorry. Your. What?!!” he yelped into his end of the receiver. “yesss.” Gemini slithered into the phones end. ‘as you heard it. MY.DAUGHTERS. DAMN IT! WHERE IS THAT FOOTAGE FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!” “I will have it driven over to your home now…” YG skittered…The video was sent over on form of flash drive or usb… and with careful vigilance, gemini went through every single frame… watching his wife and daughters walk into the building with a younger little girl, “who is that?” he thought. And a brief 3 hours later only the boys and his daughters come walkng out. Without his wife…. “What happened? Where did you go? How did you leave?” he said to the air, as if it held all the answers he was looking for… Then he noticed coming out of frame 54 slide 32 there was an ambulance entering the garage through the back. “Yeobo.. where are you?” gemini sighed deeply and long.“YAHHH! I NEED THAT HOSPITAL NAME NOW!!!” Gemini yelled.“ye nim, they are at ‘Seoul Severance.” Relayed Stout. “lets go!” "sir are you going to go out like that?” asked Stout.“what is wrong with what I am wearing?” he answered.“No. nothing, nothing, its just yu can see the opening to you gift of God … Sir.” “oh. Yeah. That. Let me go and change into something more comfortable…” he shied away, and well absolutely did not know how he was going to go about introducing himself to “his, Daughters.”
*back at the hospital* All heads turn when there is anothr knock at the door. *in walks Jay* “what have you found out?” he demands. “and you are?” asked the doctor. “I am herr legal son in law. Park JayBeum. Anyehagehseyo” bowing respectfully. “I told you I would call you.” Jiyong seethed. "what are you doing here?!!” he sayed through slitted eyes.“I had to be here. I was ordered to come. Doctor.” He said turning his attention to the physician in the room, who by the minute was growing quite uncomfortable being around 6 men and 3 females. “ye?” he squeeked. “all findings need to be directed to this email address, and of course to the immiediate family. Without hesitation.” “yes, I understand.” The confused doctor said.“what are you playing at Park JayBeum-ssi? Why are here?” seethed the 23 yr old.“I told you. I was ordered to be here. I will explain everything once the good doctor here, takes what he needs and we are alone with Eomeoni.” jay said with a hint of poison in his humor looking at Daesung and “his” wife.“mommy, who him?” squeaked TaeYangs Princess. Who was already at her side, picking up the Princess.Jay walks over to her, and reaches for her face. TaeYang reaches out his arm “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” He Growled.“Jay, please Eomeoni. Is not well. No scandle. Thank you Doctor, you may go and try to find out what is wrong my Mother in law.” Seungri Said.The good doctor was torn between staying to protect me, and my unconscious body, or calling security to remove everyone from the room, for my safety.“you were told to come and bare witness jay, not to cause scandal.” Said a man with 6 other bodies attached to him dressed in black.“Father. Chosamnida.” Jay said looking towards the floor. “who the hell are you?!” demanded the 23 yr old.“hello Paul.” Answered the 22 yr old in a groggy yet conciousn state. “he is our father”. She finished.“YEOBO! Are you well, how do you feel?” jiyong cooed to his wife. “what is wrong with her?!” commanded Paul. “she was given a sedative earlier this morning, to assist in calming her down, when Eomeoni’s heart rate dropped, she began to scream and shout. There was no way to restrain her safely. Nor keep her out of the room. To allow the team to do their job.” JiYonng answered. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN ‘HE’ IS OUR FATHER?” the 23 yr old snarled. Gemini walked over to his child, and cooed to her “I have you child. And no harm will come to her.I promise” “pshhh, boy please, you walked away from her… she had no control, and you just left. So. Feel free to leave now.” She quipped.Her words stinging like the venom that they were meant to be Gemini just smiled, and nodded his approval.“I am afraid I cannot do that sweet heart. You see, you are here in my parent country. And I am responsible for all of you.” He said. “no me, aeoboji take me home, wit mommy?” said the 4 yr old. “Princess, please. You aren’t making things any better.” Chided her mother.“I am her legal Guardian and I have the paper work to prove so.” Announced T.O.P. "do you now. And why would that make a difference to me.” Said Gemini.“it should, since you have been removed of all areas of her life.” TOP replied.“really now.”gemini said with a questioning look. “Let’s just see about that”…Gemini walks over to your unconscious yet very aware body and bends over to speak …“are you there?” heart rate monitor spikes. “yesss, you’re here. And you can hear me. I will take my family home now. You just concentrate on getting better. Where is my son, he better be close by. AND FOR YOUR SAKE YOU BETTER FUCKING WAKE UP DAMN IT!”he said.“YAHHHH! YOU NEED TO LEAVE SIR!” commanded T.O.P. “security. Get the girls. Be careful with the baby, and carry my daughter. I do not want her hurt.” “wait, what? We are not going anywhere. Daesung the baby. SEUNGHYUN APPA HELP. SEUNGRI PLEASE!”The baby clinging to TaeYang screamed at the big burley form reaching for her. At this moment the door flies open hospital security came running in. Surrounding your body, calling for the girls and baby… ji yong helped his wife over to her mother… the doctor returned with a packet of papers. Still smoldering, they were hot off the printer.“please do not touch them! They are to be under the care of the head of household.” Shouted the doctor” her son in law is responsible for them… a Mr. Kwon JiYong-ssi and Mr. Kang Daesung-ssi. Mr. Choi Seung Hyun is to see to all preparations. Mr. Lee SeungHyun is to see to securing the girls while out, including his bride to be. She is in Japan taking marriage preparation course at the home of Pham Li Gun.” He finished.“she can’t do this!” shouted Gemini “I AM HER LEGAL HUSBAND FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!” At the back of the room, your unconscious mind made a small sound. “Paul.” And all the alarms went off again. “EVERY ONE OUT! ECXEPT HER CHILDREN!” the girls and 4 boys stayed behind. TOP Taeyang Gemini all his security detail left the room. “why did you walk out Sir, if you are her ‘legal husband” TOP said.“because my job is to try and get her to react so she explain to me why the hell she is here after I told her to wait for my return back home.” Replied Gemini.“with all do respect, Sir, but you walked out on her more than 4 years ago you didn’t even stick around after the Boy was born. You weren’t even there when she said goodbye to him YOU WERENT EVEN THERE TO BURY HIM!’ TOP quipped “wait. WHAT? HE DIED? HOW? WHEN?” cried Gemini. “5 days after he was born. Apparently there was a nurse who was hurt by your rejections, and she harmed the baby while he was in her care. She hated you for leaving, she died that day, and since that moment there have been countless marriage contracts sent by mail,email, fax, and video. I’m surprised she has done as well as she has” TOP sniped. “and how do you know all this Choi Seunghyun-ssi” asked Gemini “because unlike you, I have managed to fall. Hard, for a woman, who will not give up on making sure that her children are cared for, even if it kills her. As it might have well done.” He said with a tone of sincerity yet filled with anger in his voice…. “and yet. You. You are just here to get her to react and to speak.” “FUCK YOU TOP. JUST FUCK YOU” Gemini at a loss for words knew not how assimilate this news of his sons passing so soon after leaving. His befuddlement to this news, was how come he never received news of this. “Fuck You TOP.” and then stormed back in to the room. “you! doctor, better find out what is wrong with my wife, and I mean now!” he commanded. “father please the doctors are doing all,they can. She has been sedated. But she did call your name. Please Abeoji.” Said Jay “I’m not going anywhere so get use to my presence girls. I will have her moved to a more secure floor.” Gemini said.“I’ve already made those arrangements Paul. We got this.” Said JiYong “screw you Kwon. She IS MY WIFE!” He said. “AND I WILL BE DAMNED TO THE FUCKING 9TH CIRCLE OF FUCKING HELL, IF YOU THINK THAT I AM GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO MARRY MY DAUGHTER!” HE EXCLAIMED. “its not your call Paul. Its mine. So you can stay out of my affairs, and go and deal with ‘YOUR AFFAIR’ you walked away and left her to feel all that pain alone.” Said the 22 yr old. “I never knew, she never contacted me. How was I suppose to know, no one contacted me.” He cried. “she emailed you, she called the office, she even told your mother. Bomi even knew, she was there when he was born. YOU. WERE’NT! You walked away from us.” She spewed her venom and it worked. Some what. “Bomi? My sister was there? Why wouldn’t she tell me.” He walked over to your resting form. “Yeobo, chebal … chebal… wake up, what happened?” he cried into your hand. “ I need to make a phone call, I will be right outside, please wake up.” He begged. Ji rolled his eyes, once Gemini was out of the room… “I don’t trust him. Lets get this marriage done quickly. So you Eomeoni, wont have any regrets. What do you say Jagiya?” he asked his wife.
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