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How I'm Feeling Today.
After all the sad news going around the past couple of days, I am still very emotional. I haven't cried at all today which is a good thing, but it's gonna take some time you know to kind of move forward. I'm gonna miss 2NE1 and Nam Taehyun so much, but we still have some of the greatest groups around. Things will get better as the days go by though, right? Now, I'm gonna work on something to take our minds off of it for a little while, something I should have posted 2 weeks ago..... not sure it'll be posted tonight though.
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I'm seven. Lol
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I get that completely. That's where I was last night
a year ago
I think, in the past few years I've been at 5. Alwayyyyyyysss....
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deffinitely a number 2 today~ on the other hand OMFG TAEMINIEEEEE <3
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