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Hey guys!! I just had a random realization moment while watching a MV. I felt like sharing my newfound knowledge with you. Enjoy!!!
I was watching the MV for Solo Day by B1A4 and saw Jinyoung. The moment I saw his face I felt as if I'd seen his face somewhere else. I then commenced to pause the video and stare at Jinyoung's face for half a minute before it finally clicked in my mind. Inseong from KNK! I couldn't stop looking at Jinyoung and not see Inseong. In fact the more I stared the more I just thought of Jinyoung as Inseong.
Here are the 'Solo Day' by B1A4 and KNK's 'Back Again' music videos and individual pictures of these two dashing men.
Jinyoung is the first picture and Inseong is the second. Third picture is Jinyoung and fourth is Inseong. See the pattern?
Although Inseong's face is sharper than Jinyoung's, I still think the similarity is amazing. Can you see the similarity?
All pictures and videos do not belong to me.