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Hey y'all, Kim here!!! After pondering on doing the fan fiction or not, I ended up throwing all inhibitions out the window and went on ahead and did it. I hope you all enjoy!!!!!! A/N: There is some sexual content so be advised!!!!

Five years ago, to this day, you thought to yourself. Five years you spent with who you thought was the love of your life. Five years you spent with your high school sweetheart, Jay. You though that you would both lived happily ever after, but that changed. When you first got together, you and Jay were inseparable. From him walking you to your classes, to sitting together at lunch. You even cheered him on at the football and basketball games, as him being the star player in both and you being captain of the cheerleading squad. By the time you entered college, you both struggled your schedules, but you both always found time for each other. You then noticed the small changes in your relationship once he got into singing and formed his own group. You saw how successful his group was becoming and it was starting to become harder and harder to see each other. You knew eventually that his group would get signed, and luck would have it, they got signed to the top label and immediately flew out to Los Angeles to record their first album. When you found out, you were a little apprehensive first, but you didn't want to be the one to tell him not to follow his dreams. At first, the face time and the texting were going great, but by the third month, the texting was becoming far and none and face time was non existent. You then realized that your relationship was in trouble and tried to salvage it. With months of planning, you thought of surprising your boyfriend by heading out to L.A. Little did you know you were in a surprise for yourself. You knew where he was staying and immediately went to his loft after getting your bags. You walked up and hit the buzzer to his loft. After not being buzzed in, you felt an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach. You shrugged it off and tried a different approach. You were good friends with one of his band mates and decided to call him. With luck will have it, he picks up and was surprised to hear that you were out in the area. You asked where your boyfriend was at. He informed you that he was at the studio, recording a couple of songs. You asked to text you the address and not to say a word that you were here. Once you received the address, you drove straight there. You entered the building and walked right in. You was surprised that there were no security guards around. You walked up the stairs to the second floor. You hear music being played and thought to follow the music. As the music got louder, you got closer to the source. You see that the door was cracked open and you went towards it. You then heard the sound that would shatter your heart. You hear a girl moan out your boyfriend's name. No, he wouldn't do this to me you thought. You open the door and couldn't believe what you were seeing. You saw your boyfriend of five years screwing some random girl. You could not get rid of the images of Jay kissing her neck and that random chick moaning out his name and seeing how Jay was loving the reactions to it. You tried not to make a sound but tears were streaming down your face as you hit a table near the door. The sudden noise startled them and your boyfriend looked up and saw you, staring at the two of you with a look of disgust and betrayal all over your face. Y/N, I'm so sorry. I can explain he starts but you had already took off running out of the building and out of his life, permanently.
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@QueenPandaBunny omg really? Is this lay back for leaving mine how it is.... OMG!! That is crazy like what the hell.. omg Damn it Jay
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@QueenPandaBunny lmfao just saying
bad Jay.
No that's okay I didn't need to cry today 😭😭😭😭😭 lol This was great! 😁
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Good point!!!
oh my! pleas tag me in all future writings! "wowwww!"
will do!!!