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Hi Hi! hehe sorry its a little later tonight I posting, Just getting home from an amazing day seeing my bestie @SugaKookieV and omo the ideas we came up with for stories lol oh so many ideas. those will be shared eventually. so I get home and I like okay time to update story!!! hehe Now I must put warning. I'm assuming most people know what's coming YUP!!! SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!!!!! lol its special day after all! hehe so for those waiting, it's here and its good, and for those who don't want to read you can gloss on over it.
Keri's View*** The rest of the week went by fast and soon enough it was already Monday. I was excited I had gotten so much done in that amount of time. I wrote a lot but I also was meeting with yoongi at the coffee shop. I would be sitting there writing when he would come and then he would set coffee in front of me and I would look up to see him smiling down at me. We would talk and then a couple times I went back to the studio to see the rest of the guys. They would welcome me and we would talk for a bit before I would leave and go back home. Now Monday was here and I was tidying up my place for Yoongi to come over. By 5 he was knocking on my door. I was dressed in a short sleeve black top and a short blue tennis skirt. I wanted to look cute for him. He had bags of food with him and lightly kissed me after walking in. He looked me up and down and grinned. "You dressed up for me?" He noted. "Of course" I said. "What do you have in there?" I asked. " I have the makings for kimbap and ramen. I'm really good at making ramen.he grinned making me laugh. "You love ramen noodles don't you?" I asked with a light laugh. "I do. Plus its one of the things I'm confident in making" he told me. "Show me the kitchen babe" he said. So I showed him the kitchen and he started in on the prep work after unpacking everything. I watched from the counter top opposite of him. "You want to help me babe? Cut up a few veggies?" He asked. "Sure" I nodded. The two of us worked on making the food and then set the table up with all the food. "I'm happy we did this" yoongi said when we sat down at the little table. "Me too. I've never celebrated an anniversary before" I told him then blushed "well never had an anniversary of any kind with someone else" I said. "Really? Hmm I like being the first for you. Makes me feel like the only one for you" he said with a smile. "Well you kind of are" I blushed looking down "this looks really good" I added changing the direction which just made him chuckle. "Well it should be good" he said. "Try it" he said picking up a piece of kimbap and hand fed me the piece. I wrapped my hand around his to make sure it was still as I bit into the piece. It was so good. "Something about making the food ourselves makes it taste better" he commented. "Yea? Hmm its really good" I said picking up a piece with my chopsticks and fed it to him. He took it and made a noise in the back of his throat. "I'm used to shoving food into my mouth I never really taste it much unless I'm getting longer then 15 minutes to eat" yoongi said as we started digging into the food. "Such little time. No wonder you don't get a chance to actually taste it" I chuckled. But that explains why you were all eating so fast when we all went out last week I remembered. "Heh, yea. We're all like that. Most times we eat in the studio on the floor or at a desk" he said. "Don't you have a cafeteria to go to?" I asked curiously. "We do, but when we're busy practicing we don't bother leaving the studio room were in" he said. "Hmm explains a lot then" I said. "What about you? Your eating so slow, don't you like it?" He asked worried a little. "Oh no I like it a lot. I just eat really slow" I chuckled. "I used to get made fun off for eating slow and never finishing a meal, but see me eat sushi or Italian food. I scarf that down so fast" I told him making him laugh. "Well now I know what you like to eat" he shook his head. "Hmm I like all foods. I just savor them differently. Besides I'm used to just snacking for the most part. " I said. We went on talking about food types we liked and which ones we didn't. By the time the food was done our conversation had moved on and we were talking about other things. I put the dishes in the sink and said I would clean them up later. We moved onto the couch and I turned on a random movie, somehow it turned out to be a romantic comedy. "You like spending time with me don't you?' I asked randomly as I cuddled into his side. "Baby why is it your always so uncertain and insecure?" He chuckled as his arm wrapped more firmly around me. "Hmm, I'm not used to it." I told him truthfully. Considering he was really the first guy to show interest in me and was my first actual boyfriend I felt very uncertain about what I was doing. "Well baby, I love spending time with you. You fascinate me." He turned my face to look at him. "Do I need to tell you every time I see you how beautiful you are and how you light up my world ? I will" he grinned and his words mixed with that look sent butterflies through my stomach. "Or do I need to show you how much I desire you" his voice was husky. "And how would you show me?" I asked curiously. "By kissing your lips, by running my hands through your hair and down that lilthe body of yours" he told me. "oh I like where this is going" I grinned. "will you show me now? I'm feeling a little insecure" I used the card up right away and he grinned. "you sure your ready for it?" he asked and I nodded. his arms looped around me and he leaned in to lick and nibble at my neck. after several minutes he stood up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. "bedroom?" he asked and I pointed.

Its Time!

Yoongi took me to my bedroom. After cooking and doing the whole romantic dinner for our month long anniversary I knew this was right. "Yoongi" I moaned as he pushed me up against the wall of my room. "Keri" he groaned as he spread my legs wider so he could get between them. Instead I hiked myself up and wrapped my legs around his waist higher up My short skirt rode up my thighs and bunched at my waist. He ground into me and that bulge of his was growing bigger. Instead of saying anything I moved my hands between us and started to unbutton his black silk shirt. I ran my hands over his chest feeling his nipples under my finger tips. A groan came out of him even as his lips were on mine and we were interlocked in an intense kiss. When he broke it his mouth trailed down to my neck and he sucked on my neck, the feel of it sending a shiver down my spine and sparks igniting in me. His hands roamed from my back to my ass and his hands gropped. "Yoongi. I need" the words slipped out of my mouth as my body begged for more. The friction was good but not good enough. "Oh baby" he hissed pulling me against him. Keeping his hands on my ass he moved us from the wall and walked the few steps to the bed and laid me down. His gaze on me felt hot. I pulled my shirt off and then he was taking the rest of his shirt off and started undoing his belt. "Oh honey come here" I curled my lips and I hooked my foot around his knees and made him fall  on top of me. An oof sound came out of him but he wasn't fast enough. "No baby" he said as I went for his belt to finish what he started. Even as I pouted he stood up and removed his pants and boxers. He stood before me naked and oh god my core tightened and tingled at the site. Those firm abs of his and what hung between his legs, he was so big. A grin tickled his lips as he bent and went for my clothes. He slide my skirt off and underwear in one fell swoop. "Baby the things I want to do to you"  he groaned. His head disappeared between my legs and I felt him there. Squirming I couldn't help it as my hand wandered down and into his hair. I held on and when my grip tightened he Started to slow down. Pulling away I moaned in disappointment I couldn't come but he moved up until we were face to face. "You can't come without me" he said. He was slow at first rubbing just outside of me, the friction of his cock rubbing over my libido was intoxicating. He felt so slick against me and I hummed and arched my back so my breasts pressed into his chest. I hummed as I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt the tip of him against me, he was teasing and I didn't like it so I pushed and he entered. A gasp came out of me as he stretched me out and broke through. Pain and pleasure mixed and a little scream came out. He took it as incentive and started to move slowly moving in and out in little thrusts until he lost it. He went wild, pumping in and out of me. The sensation built inside of me. When he came all of a sudden and continued to move I couldn't help but let go and come with him. My body shattered and I moaned. He thrust a couple more times sending remaining tingles my way before he pulled out and laid down next to me. Yoongi gathered me in his arms and we laid there snuggling together for a while catching our breath. "That was amazing" I said with a light giggle and yoongi chuckled. "You were amazing baby" Yoongi said. I wasn't sure I should tell him I was a virgin before this. It was kind of embarrassing to admit it, but I no longer was. My first time was special, with a man who loved me and thought of the details like our month long anniversary. Or the man who knew how to get me out of my tunnel vision without waking a sleeping dragon. This was a perfect moment in my mind. I fell asleep in Yoongi's arms thinking that.
kekekeke. sooo it come out good? lol I think it went a little more detailed then it should have been and Omg Keri! Virgin???? I knew before but omo you gave it to him! I wonder if he noticed lol omo did he? I'm gonna have to see in the next chapter. hmm think Yoongi's side. omo but nope. no can't do that smut scene in his view X) to much. tooo much. lol
Looks like someone wasn't carefuuuuuulll! Oooh it's gonna add some suspense! Wonder how Mel's gonna take that? Haha
nxawww the love! I think he knows she was a V though.. I mean she kept saying he was his 1st everything...
True. Plus that he was the first guy that has ever shown that he liked her, or first boyfriend.
dang it. i already took a shower too.
Um....didn't he forget something???
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V and Hobi will be excited....and someone is.going to get a lecture from Eomma Jin and Appa Joonie.
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