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Favorite Yugy Pictures 🤓

This has to be one of my absolute favorites of the maknae 🤓. He just looks so sweet and innocent. But we all know the real truth. 😏😏
This Picture was one of the reasons I fell deeper in love with him. I remember watching this live perfectly. He was just eating and then started talking about how he was barefaced and we could see his moles. He started acting so shy and vulnerable. He was so ashamed of his moles. He was like don't look at my face. Everyone was like you're beautiful and handsome Yugy. I know for sure he is. I'd rather see him like this any day. But I love him with everything makeup or not. 💙
These are just four more favorites of mine. 😛
These are some of my favorite ones of him with other members 😘😘 plus peep him and JB picking Jimin nose 😂. Well guys have a good and comment what u think. Fighting!! ✊🏽✊🏽
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