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ik its long and it sucks so much.. but something to hold you all over

Jackson was at the sea and you were stuck in the apartment. Your significant other had been gone for almost 2 weeks now and you were starting to wonder just when you would go insane. You had taken to wearing his clothes. They were comforting and still smelled like him. The fabric softener slightly mixed with his cologne and natural perfume made you happy and kept you centered within your mentality. Let me played as you walked through the house in a hoodie Jackson had worn on stage during  promotions. It was soft and cozy and complimented the pink and black lingerie set you had chosen. A sudden loud ring made your feet fly from the floor with a gasp and you turn toward the intrusion of a noise. Your phone lit up with a picture of you and Jackson and your fingers reached for the screen with greed. “Jackson!” You cry into the phone as you push it against your ear. “Oh, baby.” He said, you could hear the smile spread on his voice. You smiled at the sound of Jackson's voice over the phone and turned to walk to the sofa. “It’s so good to hear your voice.” He said. “I could say the same.” You said as you heard him settle into wherever he was sitting. “What are you doing?” He asked as you sat on the sofa. “Nothing much, just thinking of you.” You said with a smile as you pushed back your hair. “Really?” He asked. You could hear the mischief in his tone as you hummed into the phone. “I was thinking about you too.” Jackson's voice sounded different over the phone but it was somehow sexy. “I was thinking about how you usually go around the house my shirts and stuff.” He voiced. You giggled over the phone as you turned your head down to hide your blushing from someone who wasn’t even in the room. “Why? What’s funny?” Jackson asked. “It nothing. It’s just..” You smiled into the phone as your hand run up the soft textured hoodie. “I’m wearing one of your hoodies now.” You said shyly. “Are you really?!” He said and you started giggling again. “What are you wearing under it?” Jackson asked. You felt as your face got redder with every second you turned over his question in your head. “Umm.” You said, trying to remember when you wore this set last. “Do you remember the night we went out and had Ramyun with the other members?” You asked. “The one with the pink straps and lacy panties?” Jackson asked quickly. “Yeah.” You answer. Jackson pushed back wherever he was and groaned into the phone. “God, I wish I was there.” He said. You bite your lip at his words. You hadn’t had much contact with him the past week and you had had no physical contact with him for two. You had tried to touch yourself but you weren’t as good as Jackson and it felt odd to just hear your own voice. You bite down on your lip with the thought of his voice and all the things he could say to turn you on. “What would you do if you were here?” You asked. Your voice was shy but you heard the smile in Jackson's voice when he answered you. “Oh baby, I thought you’d never ask.” He said and you leaned back against the sofa to listen to him. “I’d pin you against the wall and unzip my hoodie, tear it from just your shoulders and finger you until you were begging me to let you come. While I looked down at you, your eyes closed tight..” Your lips were suddenly too dry, you worried that no amount of licking them would help. “My hoodie would be falling off of your shoulders and your hair would be a sexy mess.” Jackson continues as you run a hand through your hair. You swallow hard at his words. Your hips were already bucking up softly as your thighs started pushing against each other as hard as they could for friction. “Then. I’d flip you on the wall and push myself against you, and you’d do that that cute little fucking whine you do when you feel how hard I am against you.” You moaned over the phone and Jackson groaned lowly at your response. Your hand went between your legs and you closed your eyes. “Fuck, that whine is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever heard.” You picture Jackson doing the things he said as you found your slick clit. “I would lean down and kiss your neck before asking you how badly you wanted it.” Jackson's voice got lower as he told you his plans. You slide your finger down to your entrance with the image of Jackson behind your closed eyes. “Do you want me, Y/N?” Jackson groaned and you arch your back at the sound. “Yes, so much Jackson. Please.” Your hips pushed up onto your own finger and you whine into the phone. “I know that sound, Y/N.” Jackson groaned. You pressed your lips together and hummed. Your eyes were closed tight with concentration as your fingers searched for your orgasm. “Did I say you could touch yourself?” His ask sounded so much like an order that you whined into the phone again. Your eyes flew open and you quickly remove your fingers from your panties. “I’m sorry.” You gasp as you sit up on the sofa. “Oh, you’re gonna have to be punished now, Y/N.” Jackson said. “Jackson..” You moan over the phone. You were squirming with the thought and you moan with the memory of his hand on your ass and the amazing stinging marks it would leave. The thought seemed so far away and made you missed him even more. “Lay down. Put the phone on speaker and lay it on your panties so I can hear when you move.” Jackson ordered you so sexily and you rushed to obey him. Your breathing was already heavy and your core was screaming for contact. You wanted Jackson here, but maybe if you did everything he said exactly, it would be like he was almost here. “Now,” Jackson thought hard about what to tell you to do with a hum. “Suck on your fingers, Y/N.” Jackson orders. You didn’t question it. You brought your hand to your lips and pushed in your thumb and middle finger. A hum pushing past your fingers to tell Jackson that you had listened. “Let them get really wet, Y/N.” Jackson said as he shifted wherever he was. You imagine him on the hotel bed. Unbuttoning his shirt with quick fingers while he pushes the phone between his cheek and shoulder. You missed his shoulders, you missed scratching and biting them. “Pull down your bra and use the fingers in your mouth to pull on your nipple. Not hard, just like I do.” Jackson said smoothly. “Do you remember how I like to touch you, Y/N?” Jackson asked. His voice was pure sex. He was so into this moment and so were you. “Yes, Jackson. It’s the only thing I think about.” You confessed, winning you a long groan from him. A small yelp evaporated into the room as you recovered from your own two fingers. “Ahh. Y/N.” Jackson groaned. “I can hear your hips pushing up.” He said. “It’s so fucking sexy, baby.” Jackson groaned. You moaned as you wondered if he was touching himself or if he was waiting for you. You continue to let out every little sound that your body wanted you to release. The way you thought of it, it kind of made up for him not being able to see what it was doing to you. “Shit.” Jackson groaned as he shifted again. “Y/N. I can’t take it anymore.” He breathed. “Take your panties off.” He ordered. You reached for the phone to quickly obey. Your bra popped back up to support your breast as you kicked off your panties onto the coffee table. “Put your leg over the back of the sofa and lick two of your fingers before putting them right where you want them, baby. But don’t go in, not yet.” You gulp as you rush to keep up. A soft kiss like pop ringed into the phone as you popped your finger out of your mouth and made Jackson groan. “Circle there, slowly. Like I do, baby. You do that while I do the same.” Jackson's breaths were heavy and getting heavier. You circle your fingers around your entrance. Trying to mimic the slow, teasing way that Jackson would. You imagine him spreading his precum as he thinks about what you’re doing and you moan at the thought. “Now faster, baby.” He said, holding his breath a bit. Your fingers were all to happy to give your body a little bit more and from the first second you moan. Jackson groans over the phone as you continue. You could feel your wetness start to pool at your entrance and you knew this was when Jackson would switch to his mouth. “Hmm.” He hummed over the phone, the sound was low and deep and it made you bite your lip. “I bet you’re so wet, Y/N.” Jackson hummed. You nodded your head but you couldn’t say anything. “Suck.” He ordered with his eyes closed and you immediately knew what he meant. You brought your fingers to your mouth and groaned at your own sweet sticky fingers. “Oh..” Jackson moaned. The sound making you want to put your fingers back where they had been. “I wish I was there so badly, baby.” Jackson said. “To taste you on my tongue while you squirm under me.” Jackson's words pulled a moan from you. “Please.” You say weakly. You weren’t sure if he had even heard you until he hummed with question into the phone. “Please, let me touch myself. Jackson.” You begged. Your hips were moving with his voice and your body was burning for more. Your fingers aren’t long enough, baby. You’re gonna have rub that sweet little nub to get your release.” Jackson's words made a lot of sense. It explains why you never felt the same when you touched yourself. You weren’t able to go deep enough. “Can I?” You ask and as soon as that approving sound came from the ear piece your fingers went to your clit and started circling. “Slowly, Y/N.” Jackson warned. You whined into the room as you obey. Your fingers worked slowly on your clit and the feeling was amazing. With Jackson's hums over the phone you could feel something building in a way you hadn’t in a long time. It made you miss Jackson even more. “Shit.” He groaned under his breath. You opened your eyes to the sound. “Move a bit faster now, baby.” Jackson said and you did as you were told. More little sounds falling from your lips as the little circles covered more space and made deep purple sink into the sides of your closed eyes. “Uh! Y/N..” Jackson was breathing so beautifully it made you whine for him. You moved your fingers quicker over your swollen nub as your back pushed up a bit. “Jackson.” You moan as you feel your arm start to cramp at how firm your movements are. You ignored the strong sting in your arm because your fingers felt way to good to stop moving them. “Jackson, I’m..” You mewled as your back picked up a bit
No. No wait for me, Y/N.” Jackson ordered. You heard his hand on his length but it made you even more ready to come. Turning your head into the sofas back, you push your head into the leather like a wall. You couldn’t help but to think of Jackson's  pants and you moaned loudly. “Jackson.” You cried but the sound was muffled from the cushion so you turned your head again. You reminded your fingers not to give up the pace as you tried to hold back your stomach. “Jackson!” You moan. “Y/N, I’m so close baby. I just..need.. a little more.” He said between breathy groans. “Let me move.” You suggest. You weren’t sure if you could stand another minute of your relentless fingers and you had a new thought that you wanted to bring into this fantasy. “Let me ride the sofa. You whine at the phone on your raising chest as Jackson curses. “Holy fucking shit, baby.” His quick curses made you press your lips together with a small hum. “Okay. Move I’ll wait for you.” Jackson groans and you imagine him slowly licking his lips as he removes his hand from his heat. You moan softly as you remove your fingers and move. Removing your leg from the back of the sofa and swinging it eagerly over the side. You grab the phone and walk over to the end of the sofa. You straddle the arm with a soft groan, throwing your head back at the sensation of the cool material on your burning flesh. The leather was dry but it would soon be dampened with your juices. You bite your lip at your own thought as you look down at the leather and then set your phone onto the back of the sofa and lean forward toward it. “I’d bet you look so fucking hot right now, Y/N.” Jackson groaned into his mouth piece, his tone causing you to moan softly. “Come on, baby. Move for me.” Jackson orders impatiently. You rocked your body onto the arm with a hum, your hands already looking for something to grab onto.  The rough leather started to become smoother with your movements. You moaned as you picked up the pace, you reached a quick pace that allowed you to twist and grind into the sofa and the feeling of the slick leather was amazing. But not quite its entire potential, so you scooted up on the sofa to where it was still dry. “Jackson..” You mewl as your orgasm makes its way back to you. “Oh..” He groaned over the phone making your body shudder. “You’re doing so well, Y/N.” Jackson praised as you pushed down harder onto the arm of the sofa. Your back arched with pleasure as you worked faster. Jackson's groans seemed a bit too far away so you grabbed the phone and held it closer to your ear as you moved and moaned into the phone. “Shit, Y/N!” Jackson cried. “Jackson, please.” You cry back at him. “So..close..Y/N..” His voice was so strained. It was so sexy that it brought your orgasm right up to your edge. “JACKSON, Please!” You beg as you cry, your body going harder and faster over the leather as your back arched higher than it had in weeks. “Fuck! Y/N!“Jackson's words made you whine loudly as your tight body reached for what it needed the most. “Shit. Shit, come on baby. Come on.” He squirmed as he spoke and you close your eyes as you feel them roll into the back of your head. You cried out as you shook over the hot leather. Your body releasing in the best fucking way. Smaller moans pushed from your lips as you leaned against the sofa for support. You were sure you couldn’t support yourself. “Come for me, Y/N. Shit, Y/N!” Jackson groaned as he milked himself. You smiled into the sofa at the slight off timing but you felt your core clench for him. Your body wanted to milk him and feel his weight against your frame. But you would have to wait for him to come back for that.
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