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Ninety-Eighth Group: BigStar
Debuted: July 12th, 2012
Latest Comeback: September 3rd, 2015
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Members: (5)
Name: Lee Young Jun
Stage Name: Baram
Born: 1990
He is a vocalist and a rapper.
Name: Kim Rae Hwan
Stage Name: Raehwan
Born: 1992
He is a vocalist.
Name: Oh Gwang Suk
Stage Name: Feeldog
Born: 1992
He is the Leader and a rapper.
Name: Jung Sung Hak
Stage Name: Sunghak
Born: 1993
He is a vocalist and a rapper.
Name: Kim Dong Hyun
Stage Name: Jude
Born: 1994
He is the Maknae and a vocalist.
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They are so good
Yes. I was waiting for you to do this group
Yes! One of my fav groups. They really need to have a comeback soon.
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It really has.
I probably shouldn't......but I'm gonna check these guys out once I'm free from work cause they are all😍😍😍
They all look gorgeous!