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What's up Fam?!

Whattt...it has been so long for this fanfic! But I was finally able to write another chapter for it! So I hope you guys enjoy it as more of them are to come out in the future! XD
(This may be the only card that comes out today too as I have gotten really sick again. Woo~ Yay me~ lmao)

Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 5 - 'Are You Crying?'

Yugyeom's P. O. V

"So we have a ghost in our house?!" Youngjae said, knowing that this was no where near a joke.
"Maybe she is the one who wrote on the mirror?" Jackson asked, piecing two and two together. I glanced around to see all the wheels in their heads turning as well.
"I mean we could just ask her. She seems nice," Mark suggested. Before the others had a chance to discuss it, Bambam started to speak.
"The writing with the lipstick.. Was that you?" All six of our hands felt the planchette start to move and they all felt a little spooked when it over to YES.
"Well that isn't at all creepy..." Jaebum mumbled.
"So she can pick up things and use them? That is different from what most ghosts can do. Or the ones I see on T.V all the time at least," Bambam said. Junior had stayed silent this whole time, as if trying to understand what was happening.
I on the other hand was preoccupied with trying not to stare at Na Ra who was still floating above the table. She looked amused by what the other guys were saying and seemed to be having way too much fun.
"Your friends are interesting..." She directed towards me. "At least they aren't asking stupid things like 'Show us your boobs!" or "Have you seen us naked!" Which by the way..." She led off looking over at Jackson. "He needs to stop checking himself out too much in the mirror. It's like a disease or something." She laughed slightly after that, making it hard for me not to. The others all glanced over at me and I immediately stopped and coughed to try to cover it up. They didn't believe me for a second.
"Okay Yugyeom...seriously, what is up? You are acting really strange," Youngjae piped, saying what the others were thinking. I glanced between each of them to see that the worry on their faces. I also looked up to at Na Ra to see that she was shushing me, telling me to not say a thing. I just smiled, trying to reassure my members that I was definitely not losing my mind.
"N-Nothing. I guess I am just a little freaked out is all," I answered, trying to sound as calm as possible. They doubted me at first but they then shook it off, believing what I said. We all then went back to focusing on the matter at hand - Na Ra.
"Should we continue doing this? What if we end up making her mad?" Bambam asked.
"I feel like she would have left by now if she didn't want to answer any more questions so I think it is okay. Just what should we ask her is the question," Mark stated, making a good point. They all sat in silence, trying to think of a question when Jackson suddenly raised his hand, as if he had to be called on before speaking. We all looked at him and waited for him to speak.
"How do we really know if she is telling the truth? What if she is lying to us?" He brought his hand back down after making another point. The others, taking his words into consideration, started to doubt what the ghost was telling them but I of course knew better. "She could really be...a demon or something. Maybe we should stop-"
"No." Junior said, talking for the first time since we had started this. "I believe her. I think it would be wrong of us to doubt her. We should just find out what we can and then decided from there." That surprised me to be honest. I glanced up at Na Ra to see that she was surprised too. And that she was also...is she blushing?
"Okay, if you believe that then we should just finish what we started. So Na Ra, how long have you been here?" Youngjae questioned, making Na Ra focus back on what was before us. I watched her move the planchette that we were holding to slowly spell out 1 MONTH. I already knew everything that happened but I kept quiet, trying to be as surprised as the other members.
"So you died about a month ago then? No wonder this house was so cheap..." Jaebum mumbled once again, probably piecing multiple things together at this point.
"Were you...murdered?" Jackson carefully asked, probably afraid that she would feel offended by the question. But she seemed unfazed. She moved our focus to the YES on the board. I could feel the whole room get silent.
"That is horrible," Mark stated. The others seemed to be in a similar state of mind as they looked blank - as if trying to understand what they really just asked.
"I want to ask what happened, but I feel like-" Before BamBam could finish, the planchette moved again and word by word, Na Ra spelled out the word ROBBERY.
"So they were robbing the place and they killed you in the process?" Junior reworded, trying to be cautious with this delicate situation. I glanced up at Na Ra to see that her goofy smile from before was gone and she just looked...blank. She moved the planchette over to YES. She looked up and our eyes met. I gave her a small smile trying to convey to her that everything was okay and she gave me a small one back.
"I-I'm so sorry Na Ra," Jackson said, starting to tear up.
"Are you crying?" Mark asked, trying not to laugh at his current state.
"N-no! I j-just got something in my eye," He played off, rubbing his hands at the creases under his eyes so we wouldn't see the tears.
"Aww he feels bad. I feel so loved!" Na Ra said, trying to liven up the atmosphere once again. I laughed a little at her comment as she moved to Jackson, looking at him. She reached for his shoulder as if he telling him it was okay but she stopped short. She then pulled her hand back as if reluctant to touch him. She then went back to the board to move the planchette to what she wanted to say.
"It's...okay." Youngjae spoke, saying the words aloud that Na Ra had spelled out.
"So are you stuck here then? Can you leave?" Jaebum suddenly asked, trying to change to a less touchy subject. She moved the planchette to YES and then NO, answering both questions.
"Weird," BamBam looked just as confused as the others, trying to figure out why. "Is there anyway you will be able to leave?" The planchette moved to YES once more.
"Really? Is it difficult?" Junior questioned. Na Ra took a little longer to answer this time. But she just moved to YES once more.
"Maybe we can help!" Jackson piped, no longer upset as he was earlier. I glanced up to see that Na Ra was starting to get nervous. She avoided my gaze as I tried to understand why. Instead she moved the planchette to NO.
"No? Do you not want our help then?" Mark asked. Na Ra seemed to get more and more nervous at the questions. Why doesn't she want our help? But the only answer we got was NO. We all stopped and pondered then.
"Well... if she doesn't want our help guys there is nothing we can do," Jaebum added on.
"I don't see why. Unless it is something dangerous or something we can't do then I can't understand why she won't let us help her. Does she not trust us?" BamBam said, trying to rake through his brain searching for answers.
"Maybe not. I mean we just met her today. Maybe we should give it time. Obviously she isn't going anywhere and neither are we so maybe we can learn to trust one another eventually." I finally spoke, trying to convey what I thought Na Ra might be thinking. They all seemed taken back by my answer.
"I didn't even think about that," Mark whispered.
"If only we could see her. Then maybe we could get some more answers," Jackson added on.
"Can we see you Na Ra?" Junior suddenly asked, seeming a little eager at the question. Na Ra's head turned to look at him in surprise. But she glanced back at me, our eyes locking once more. She moved the planchette to spell out NOT YET. She moved her head to look at me once more.
"I can't yet Yugyeom. I am not comfortable with that yet. Until then, I am only going to let you see me okay?" She smiled slightly, making me feel a little flustered at her comment. I just stared at her and before I could even say anything else she vanished, blowing at all the candles along with her.
"Woah," I said, taken by surprise.
"Well, I think she is gone. Do you think we scared her off?" BamBam asked as he went over to turn on the lights in the house, shocked to see that the power was back on.
"Maybe. But we will hear from her again. She is still here so we will talk to her again sooner or later." Youngjae answered. "But that is enough weirdness for me for one night. I am going to bed."
"Me too."
We all cleaned up the board and put it away, feeling a little different than before. I knew of the situation before they did but seeing how spooked they were, I could relate. The whole situation was a little more than weird.
I climbed up the stairs to my room and was a little saddened to see that Na Ra was not up here. I had hoped to talk to her about all of this afterwards but I guess she wanted to be alone for the rest of the night. I sighed and quickly changed for bed. I climbed under my covers and slowly sank into my crappy mattress.
I tried to fall asleep but I couldn't stop thinking about Na Ra. She has had so many horrible things happen to her and she can't move on because of something or someone. And I am going to find out what and help her, whether she wants me to or not.

Thank you all for waiting and I promise more chapters are soon to come!

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