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Yooo sorry for not uploading anything in forever!! I've been going through some intense drama and I have a bunch of schoolwork that still needs to be done...22 assignments to be exact. I also moved out of my mums house and now live with my sis. I've been feeling so much better recently too so that's good. Anyways finally started back up with Mystic Messenger aiming for Zen's route now but I'm finding it extremely hard to not be nice to my baby boy Yoosung!!
yoosung was my absolute favorite. he's so damn sweet
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If you end up going his route, you won't regret it ^.^
lol, I feel your pain with Yoosung! I was the same! Good luck with that school work though! T_T
I'm glad people can relate xD also tell me about I have so many projects to make up too qwq thanks for wishing me luck.