Are You: •Single: By heart I'm not. •Scared Of The Dark: No •Scared Of Heights: No •Scared Of Drowning: No •Scared Of Losing Someone: Yeah
Do You Think: •People Talk About You Behind Your Back: 50% sure and not. •Someone Loves You{Not Including Family}: Nope •Someone Hates You: Ig •Someone Is Reading This Right Now: Idk
Do You: •Like Anyone: Yes •Want Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Maybe,yet there a reason to breaking up right? •Have Ebola: Nope •Like Your Life: Sometimes •Wish You Could Change Something From The Past: Yeah,but maybe not. •Do you have a bestFriend: Yes •Want A New Best Friend: Well so-so •Like Mustard: Yeah
Have You: •Ever Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Yes •Ever Wanted To Kill •Someone: sometimes •Felt Lonely: Yes •Cried Your Self To Sleep: Yes •Snuck Out: Yes/No •Gone To Sleep With Your Clothes On: Yes •Littered: sometimes,but went back to pick it up.

How Many: •Tooth Brushes You Got: 1 •Fillings Have You Had: 0 YOUR TURN GUYS!! COPY FROM COMMENT AND PASTA and tag me to see it.

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Are You🙃: •Single😏: •Scared Of The Dark😎: •Scared Of Heights😧: •Scared Of Drowning💦: •Scared Of Losing Someone😢: Do You Think🤔: •People Talk About You Behind Your Back😆: •Someone Loves You💘{Not Including Family}: •Someone Hates You😡: •Someone Is Reading This Right Now🙉: Have You👀: •Ever Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend😊: •Ever Wanted To Kill •Someone🔪: •Felt Lonely😔: •Cried Your Self To Sleep😴: •Snuck Out🏃🏽: •Gone To Sleep With Your Clothes On👚: •Littered🚯: Do You: •Like Anyone😋: •Want Boyfriend/Girlfriend💑: •Have Ebola😷: •Like Your Life🌍: •Wish You Could Change Something From The Past😕👈🏽: •Do you have a Best Friends: •Want A New Best Friend😪: •Like Mustard💛: How Many🙉: •Tooth Brushes You Got😄: •Fillings Have You Had😩: