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Even though this adorable man is not my bias(I think) I love love love MJ so much 😍 he is definitely a bias wrecker (ruiner). Just look at him! He is such a cutie!
He is known as our happy virus for a reason. Astro just wouldn't be the same without any of their members, including Myungjun ☺️ we need our eldest member at all times 😊
So, I kind of wanted to talk about how I originally got into Astro down here. I had gotten bored one day and had noticed that Netflix had added some new Korean Dramas. I added a few and ended up deciding to watch To Be Continued. So, I start this show up, and as they are saying who stars in this, I read Moon Bin. I had read a one shot a while back about a Moon Bin in a group called Astro, so I googled it and sure enough, this show was about them. My original bias was Sanha until I looked up his age and decided that he was way too young for me to bias. As I continued to watch the show, I found a very strong love for all six of the boys, but especially for JinJin. Just recently I noticed how much I really pay attention and fangirl over MJ, so I now have both my bias and bias wrecker ☺️ And that's my story about Astro 😂😂😂 This show was also the reason that made Astro number 3 on my top kpop groups that I listen to. I just love them so much! @mbg3t If you would like to be added to my Aroha taglist, please comment down below! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day/night!