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Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love.
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Jimin looked at Sung Kyung and smiled,"It finally came." She scoffs,"Wow it took 2 months." Jimin smiled as he opened a velvet box,"It took a while for me to find it. The exact ring."
She shook her head,"Well she probably hates you considering she hasn't eaten dinner with us or even talked to you." Jimin looked down,"I know but she can't find out. You said it yourself. If she finds out before we catch the killer that I--"
Before Jimin can finish his sentence Taehyung had barged in, "Have you seen Y/N?" Jimin and Sung Kyung stared at one another and then shook their heads,"Isn't she in her room?" Taehyung shook his head at Sung Kyung,"No I went in there to give her the dinner she missed but she wasn't there."
Jimin stood up from his seat,"We have to go loo--"
"Testing. Mic Test." We heard the voice roar through the house. Were there always speakers in the house? "Hello everyone this is 'J' at the moment I have Ms. Y/N under my custody. She's safe of course. But not for long but I will give you a chance to capture me." Jimin clenched his fists thinking about the possible ways he can hurt her.
"YOU FUCKING BASTARD YOU BETTER LET HER GO." You hear Taehyung shout from the top of his lungs. His anger blinding his better judgement "Now, now don't disobey m--"
"You'll never get away with this Ho--" The transmission was cut off for a second and when it came back everyone heard a loud shriek. Everyone knew it was Y/N. "Shhh...you'll ruin the fun...and I really don't want to kill you but do something unnecessary again and I might just do so." The killer then laughed like a lunatic. His laugh sent chills down everyone's backs. But Jimin wanted nothing more than to hurt the man behind the voice.
"Back to what I was saying. The rules of the game is to find me and Y/N. I'll give you three hours. Now if you all know her as much as I do three hours is more than enough. Shall we begin." His laugh can be heard throughout the mansion. "Time starts after I give my hint. Okay lets see first hint is Y/N loves coming here whether just to sit there and admire the view or she goes there to think." The transmission cuts off and everyone was just left startled.
Then out of nowhere Jungkook and Yoongi barges in,"Taehyung you know right?" Taehyung thought for a second and shook his head at Jungkook,"I-I don't know I have never paid attention enough...fuck! Who was he?! His voice was so familiar."
"Maybe we should call Namjoon." Taehyung ran his hands through his hair. "Namjoon and the Chairman is in a business trip in France...maybe the police." The transmission then started with Y/N's screaming. Everyone was startled,"Oh and if you contact anyone outside of this mansion...well you know what happens to my little Y/N isn't that right?"
We all heard a noise as if someone just spit on him.
"Fuck you. Why don't you just kill me and leave everyone alone?" The transmission cuts off once again. "Dammit she's always like that we have to find her before she gets herself killed."
Jimin sat down on his chair and thought for a second,"Is it even here in the mansion?" Sung Kyung had said when Taehyung's face then lit up. "I think I may know where it is but its too far he wouldn't take her there...would he?" Yoongi stood up,"We'll go Jimin, Jungkook you guys stay here and hear what he says." Jimin shook his head,"No! I'm coming with!"
Taehyung shook his head,"Look Y/N is in danger okay. Just no arguing. We are already wasting precious time." Jimin thought for a second and nodded,"Fine..."
Y / N P O V
You looked around but there was nothing to indicate where you are. You couldn't tell whether you were even in the premises of the mansion since you don't know how long you've been knocked out for. You were in pain from the wounds inflicted by Hoseok so you couldn't move.
"Are you hungry?"
You scoffed,"No...Hoseok why're you doing this?" He then put out a chair infront of me and placed the hair on my face behind my ears.
"Because I love you...I always have but I was a servant and you were a master." You saw the sadness in his eyes,"You have a twisted way of showing your love."
He laughed,"This whole world is twisted...but you." He stood up and grabbed a towel and you flinched as he dressed the wounds,"You were pure not tainted by this ugly twisted world. I'm doing this so I can protect your innocence. Jimin? He'll just ruin you. If you had just stayed away from Jimin people wouldn't have died. And you wouldn't have to die."
You looked at him as his expression went dark,"But I gave them 3 hours and the first hour is almost up but no one is here yet. Maybe they don't know you as well as I do." He then left the room.
You looked out the tiny window and all you saw were the flowers that were sent to you. It gave you no clue to where you can be. All you wished was for the others to find you.
"Please..." You pleaded as you felt a sharp pain on the side of your neck,"What're you?"
He smiled,"Just go to sleep for now okay?"
"Y-You--" You then unwillingly fell asleep.

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