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Summary: Given the chance to save the man you love.
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You woke up handcuffed to a bed,"Oh you're awake. Its been 1 hour 46 minutes but there is still no sign of them." Hoseok scoffed while looking down at the timer,"They even left the mansion how stupid of them huh?" You tilted your head,"We're still in the mansion?" He then placed his index fingers on his lips,"Shhh...don't tell you anyone okay?"
You scoffed,"I'm tied up Hoseok."
"Oh. Yeah." He then laughed as he left the room.
Jimin had a bad feeling about how the things were going. It was as if though they were missing something from the puzzle. "Place she goes to alot? Where did Taehyung say he was going?"
"The library by the college." Jimin tilted his head,"How long does it take to get there?" Jungkook shrugged," I don't know probably 2 hours or so."
"Then why would the killer only give us 3 hours?" Jungkook shrugged,"Wouldn't it be to throw us off?" Jimin shook his head,"No it just doesn't make sense. Well let's say she went missing while we were eating dinner it still wouldn't be 2 hours since she's gone missing." Jungkook slowly nodded,"That's true. So what exactly are you saying?"
"I'm implying that I don't think the killer left the mansion at all." Jimin thought to himself for a second when he remembered a memory from the previous timeline.
Jimin woke up with Y/N missing by his side. Panic ran over him as he still wasn't sure who had been killing their friends. "Y/N?!" She then walked into the room,"I'm here...Jimin you need to relax I just went to get some air." Jimin locked her into a tight embrace,"Don't leave my side not until everything has been resolved."
She smiled and nodded,"Then I'll take you with me. Come on." He smiled at Y/N as he got up from the bed and put on a jacket. He followed her mesmerized by the way the moonlight accentuated her figure. "We're here."
Jimin took his eyes off her for a second,"The garden?"
Y/N nodded,"I have always loved it here. Fresh air, beautiful flowers. It's just the whole ambiance of the area. It calms my soul. I've been coming here since I was a child. Makes me forget for even a moment."
Jimin smiled as he wrapped himself around Y/N. Her warmth and the cold air calming him,"You're right..." She laughed as she turned around and kissed Jimin. Jimin deepened the kiss. "I want us to be happy forever Y/N...I'll find him and live happily with you." She then smiled as she placed her head on his chest as he placed a hand on her head giving the top of her head a kiss.
"Dammit! Jungkook grab a weapon and call Taehyung. I think I know where she might be." Jungkook looked at you with a puzzled look,"Why should we trust you? Taehyung has known her longer."
"DAMMIT JUNGKOOK! This is not the time. We probably can't handle him alone. You know I'm not 'J ' so why aren't you listening. Y/N's life is in danger." Jungkook hesitated but he grabbed the phone calling Taehyung and the others back.
Jimin then ran inside the guard headquarters grabbed one of Namjoon's guns and following Jimin's lead Jungkook did the same. "Let's go."
"Where exactly is she?"
"The garden." Jungkook tilted his head,"The garden? What makes you think so?" Jimin bit his lip thinking of a quick lie,"She said it when you revealed about my fake relationship with Sung Kyung. She said she wanted to go out for fresh air and I found her in the garden."
Jungkook then nodded as they finally arrived at the garden. Jimin looked around looking for possible places the killer can put Y/N in. When in a short distance from the garden was a storage room.
"Over there. Text Taehyung and the others the location and let's go in." Jungkook nodded as they entered the storage room.
(Why does Jimin know about the previous timeline? Who exactly is Sung Kyung?)

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