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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! We are back again with the next chapter of Oppa!! Sorry I did not have it out on Thursday as planned. My editor and I talked it over and decided that people were too busy with their families for me to bother dropping it that day... So i pushed back chapter 5 to today!
Now I know this is a short chapter but the next chapter is going to be a long and fun one. Wonder what kind of trouble she will be able to get herself into next?
If you haven't read the chapters before this... please take a look see here
Hope you enjoy!!
Chapter Five: Hidden Cameras!!
“Are you nervous?”
I looked up at Taeyong and smiled. Out of everyone who had helped me prepare for the audition he was probably the biggest help. He didn’t sugar coat how my practices were going and would give me ideas on how to fix the problems. “I am nervous, but I think I practiced enough. Thank you by the way. You ahve been a big help.”
“No need to thank me.” Taeyong shrugged his shoulders and slid down the mirror to sit next to me. “At least you have your brother and the other members to help you out.”
I couldn’t help but picture Donghae’s face and let out a snort. If he was one of the ones Taeyong was adding on to the helpful list the poor guy was fooled. “Oppa and Kyuhyun tried to help a bit but they are always busy so it was hard. Since this isn’t the first time I am auditioning for SM I just hope it goes over better than last time.”
“I heard about that. Your brother was discoverred at your audition, wasn’t he?”
I nodded my head and looked down at my bottle of water. Who hadn’t heard of that story. Little sister goes into audition to make her dreams come true and her older brother walks out with the audition pass instead of her. Irony at its finest if you ask me. “He was.” I said simply.
“Well this time you will have to call me sunbae after.” Taeyong winked at me playfully and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Sunbae? Now that will be funny considereing I’m your Noona.”
“Hey everything has a rightful order and you might be my Noona but you will be my junior in the company. I get to be the older one for a change!” Taeyong flashed me one of his bright smiles only reminding my poor heart that it wasn’t completely done with the fangirl stage.
“Okay. I suppose I can do that… only if I make the audition.” I teased.
“Don’t worry. You will make it. The staff already loves you and most of the artists have heard of your talent. Everyone is rooting for you, so you can’t mess up this time… okay?”
I nodded my head and sighed. “Nothing like pressure from all directions to make sure I do well.”
“Pressure is a good thing.”
My attention turned up at the sound of the new voice. I smiled brightly as Kyuhyun walked into the room. “Hey, what are you doing here?”
“I am here to escort a cute little future trainee to her audition.”
“I’m not a trainee yet.” I countered. “Shouldn’t you been in practice?”
“We decided to ditch practice and come see you instead. Practice can wait a little bit.”
“We?” I looked passed Kyuhyun and spotted Oppa, Heechul, and Leeteuk standing behind him. I quickly scrambled to my feet and bowed slightly. “Thank you for coming.”
“What kind of a leader would I be if I didn’t support Siwon supporting his little sister’s audition.” Leeteuk pipped in.
“One that gets work done.” Heechul poked as he moved to stand further away from the glaring leader.
“I was there for the first meeting, might as well make an appearance at this one too.” Siwon smiled as he ruffled my hair.
“Well just don’t crash it this time okay?” I pouted.
“You will crash it all yourself if you don’t hurry up.” My eyes shot up finally spotting Donghae leaning against the wall behind the others. “Let’s go Princess, times ticking.”
A heavy sigh passed my lips and I fought with the idea to call him a colorful string of names. Why did he have to be here? Things would have been so much butter if he had just stayed at practice. “Let’s go then.” I said trying to hold back the sarcastic smirk that was trying to form on my face.
The audition room was bright….. And empty…. Completely empty. I looked off of the stage at the small table of judges in front of me and then off to the side to Oppa and the rest. They had been serious when they said they were going to come to my audition with me. Not like it made the pressure worse. Nope…. Not at all….. Totally not freaking out right now. A harsh smile lifted my lips and I tried to still my shaking hands.
I watched as the judges made themselves comfortable and whispered to each other. Honestly I think I am more nervous than I was the first time around. I took a deep breath and and took a step forward as they motioned me to begin. “Hello, my name is Nari.” I bowed and moved to step back in front of the mic. I had to do well this time! I listened as the song started, my mouth opening to sing along.
“You did really well!” Kyuhyun pulled me into a hug as soon as the judges exited the room.
“No way you didn’t pass the audition.” Taeyong added.
“No counting your chickens before they hatch.” I tried to hide my laugh as all of the guys standing around looked at me curiously.
“What? That doesn’t make any sense.” Donghae said as he pushed himself off of the wall he was standing against and moved up to join the group.
“It is a saying in America. It means not to get too ahead of yourself before something happens.” I responded shortly. “I am not going to get my hopes up over making it because it will only be worse when they fail my audition.
I looked over to my brother who was smiling ear to ear. “There is no way you failed this time Nari. You did great.”
I felt a smile tug at my lips as I noticed how proud he looked. I wanted to be happy and jump for joy saying I had made it… but seeing as I usually mess up everything... I have learned not to get too excited until something is set in stone. I wonder how long it will take them to tell me the results? I had hoped it would be an instant thing… but apparently they have to discuss it first with others in the company.
I sighed softly only to almost jump when a hand waved in front of my face. “Hey.” Looking up I saw all of the guys looking at me strangely and Kyuhyun manouvering his body to put his face in mine. “You okay?”
I laughed out of embarassment and nodded my head. “Sorry I was a little lost in thought.”
“A little? Looked like you had completely left us standing here.” I turned to glare at Donghae.
“I was just thinking if I had done anything wrong to mess up my audition.” I shrugged.
“It was fine. Don’t worry so much.” Siwon patted me on the head. “What do you say we go for a quick bite before we go back to practice?”
The guys all nodded and started to head out of the room. My head turned back to glance at the stage I had stood on not long before for my audition. Did I make it this time? Will I be a trainee here at SM? Will I debut one day? A small frown formed on my lips. I was getting to the point of too old to start being an idol… would I be able to prove I can debut in time?
“You did great.” I looked up as a hand reached out to smooth my hair. “And stop worrying so much, you will get to debut one day.” I watched in confusion as Donghae turned to catch up with the others..
There he goes again being nice to me… I paused and sighed. Every time he is nice to me he turns around and does something really mean. “Wonder what he is up to this time?” I mused out loud before heading out myself.
Three days… three freaking days was all it took for my entire world to come crashing on itself. I had been accepted as a trainee with SM…. YAY ME!! Totally exciting right? Well that was until I woke up the day after only to find out that my audition had been leaked.. And not just the audition……. The person recording.. Which I didn’t even notice a camera.. Did you!?!
Anyways… The video showed my audition, which i didn’t mind at all to be honest… but what did bother me… was the fact that they kept recording after I had finished. The person had caught me walking over to my brother and the others. Now you couldn’t hear what was being said, but they clearly caught Kyuhyun pull me into a hug and Oppa standing really close to me.. And me talking with all of the guys. The person had even caught the strange encounter with Donghae smoothing my hair and looking at me all strange.
Nothing really bad happened in the video… but have you paid any attention to netizens before? What about media sources? How about anti’s and crazy fans? Well long story short… I am in hiding. SM has been surrounded by people lately mostly fans and journalists… and me? I have been stuck inside the building. People are curious about the new trainee who was special enough to have Super Junior members and NCT’s Taeyong present at her audition. Some are saying that I have been doing bad things to get in favor with them as well….. If only they knew the truth.
Oppa said he is going to ask SM to put out a statement that I am his little sister… I can only hope that will help….
But once again I am reminded… that my life wouldn’t be this hard….
If my Oppa wasn’t a Kpop Star……..
Well this was short and a bit all over the place... but trust me it had to happen... and the next chapter is going to have a lot in it so I decided to take the audition out and make it it's own little part.
I want to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoyed it!!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!
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