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A/N: I thought it was about time I start these got7 angst oneshots again! Hope you enjoy this one!
Summary: Maybe its better this way...
You looked at the setup at the table and smiled. Today was your anniversary with Jackson and you had prepared many special gifts. You looked at everything making sure that everything was perfect and that nothing was out of place. You then looked at your phone to check the time then you opened your messages and sent a text.
[Are you here yet?]
You sighed as you waited for his reply. When not a minute later your phone vibrated. You opened the message in lightning speed out of excitement:
[Sorry Y/N...I can't today. Momo needs me to teach her some dances.]
You looked at the setup around you and sighed as you messaged back.
[No it's fine! Goodluck!]
You looked down at your phone,"It's fine..." As you tried to clean up the table your eyes had started to tear up. You knew that Momo wasn't just a rookie at JYP. She was beautiful and you knew Jackson and Momo had been seeing each other behind your back.
Maybe if you hadn't accidentally seen them one time alone in the dance room locking lips you would've believed that it was just a dance or maybe if you didn't see the messages they send to one another. But you knew. You knew that he had stopped caring for you. You knew that he had stopped loving you. You knew but you kept telling yourself that it was fine.
But deep inside it wasn't fine. Deep inside you wanted to go to JYP and cause a scene but you didn't want him to hate you so you told yourself that it was fine.

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