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Hello Monbebe and non-monbebe but soon to be Monbebe(lol),

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today is the last day for the Monday-Friday Event. Ending it off with Sunday Shippings today.

The Monsta X Team has scheduled a special event starting tomorrow November 28 and ending on December 11th.

During this time period the Monsta X Team will each be presenting their Monsta X member that they are in charge of. Week 1 will be some Pre-debute History/Story and Week 2 will be Monsta X member facts. More information on this event is on the picture above~
Each day for this 2 week event will be dedicated to a specific Monsta X member~
Thor Jooheon will be presented by @xxchicharitoxx on Monday.
Iron Man Kihyun will be presented by @Baekyeol27 on Tuesday.
The Hulk Shownu will be presented by @resavalencia on Wednesday.
Captain America Wonho will be presented by @changkyunslays on Thursday.
The Black Widow Hyungwon will be presented by me, @MonAnnahiX, on Friday.
Spider-Man Minhyuk will be presented by @JohnEvans on Saturday.
and Hawk Eye I.M will be presented by @PrettieeEmm on Sunday.

Before I end this card, I want to show you guys an explanation of why I have chosen the theme of the Avengers for Monsta X Mod Team and Monsta X Community this Quarter.

In a magazine interview it was explained a little more recently. *Slide or click arrow to see explanation*

New Monbebe and older Monbebe

I hope you guys learn a little more about Monsta X during these coming up two weeks with us!


Monsta Mod Team:


This is going to be fun. I can't wait to see what you all come up with
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Avengers mashup here. The match of Thor to Jooheon is spot on! Actually all of them are spot on. 💖💖💖