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Alrighty I should have posted this last night but fell asleep...So here it is before I go to work and hopefully today isn't a busy day so I can write some more. click here for part 1 part 2 continue reading.... Part 4
After a few days I finally decided to call Chanyeol. I literally let the phone ring twice then hung up. What was I thinking... This is just wrong. Something bad will happen. *Ding* Annoying boy: is this (y/n)? Me: yea Annoying boy: you called but hung up. What's going on. Me: it was a mistake dialed wrong number. Annoying boy: liar. Wanna hang out? Me: No Annoying boy: why not? Me: your too happy for me Annoying boy: your too sad/angry/upset. I want to make you happy. Me: no thank you Annoying boy: when was the last time you smiled? Me: Idk Annoying boy: ok let's make a deal. Me:huh Annoying boy: you hang out with me and if I can't make you smile I'll let you be. Me: how long? Annoying boy: let's do 3 months. I won't need that long but just in case. Me: ok Annoying boy: ok meet me at the park we were at the other day. Me: right now? Annoying boy: yes Me: I can't Annoying boy: why? Me:I haven't gotten ready for the day. Annoying boy: ok meet in an hour is that better. Me: yes thank you. Annoying boy: are you smiling yet? Me: no why would I? Annoying boy: just checking. See you in an hour. Me: bye I set the phone down and went to get ready. I finished getting ready withing a half hour. I walked to the park to wait I had 15 minutes till he would get there. As I turned the corner I saw him waiting for me. He was early...that's never happened before... I was going to keep heading his way when I heard a girls voice. "Oppa! I've missed you!" She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. Yeah he really was a player. "Oh. What are you doing here?" "I'm heading to see Sehun." "Oh that'll be a nice surprise he's been missing you since you left." "Really? It was only a month." "Yea well he likes you too much " he laughed. "Well I'm gonna go find him... Don't tell him I'm here I'm going to surprise him." "Ok bye." He gave her a hug and then she was gone. Ok now I felt a bit bad thinking that, he turned and he saw me standing there and smiled and waved and walked towards me. "How long have you been here?" I asked "Um ten minutes" "Why" "Idk just couldnt sit at home anymore waiting so I walked here." "So what are we doing" "We are going to see each other everyday now. Until the 3 months is up. Ok. Even if its just a few minutes ok?" He said "At least 30mins otherwise its a waste." "Ok ok. You are going to be a special girl then." He laughed. I was confused and he could tell. "I will get you to smile I promise." And he grabbed my hand and led me away. I hope this is going to be worth it. "Where are we going?" I asked "The arcade"
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um just saying. after those first texts I'd be smiling. fail panda fail
I think it's going to take less then 3 months to make her smile ☺
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lol its so hard!!!
Ooohhhh!!!! I love the arcade!!!!
Fun times to come at the arcade!
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