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Word Count:1019
Namjoon's POV:
About 56 calls later, she answered her phone, “Hello?” “(Y/N)!” “Yes?” “Thank God you finally answered your phone, I just want to say, I love you…” “Namjoon…” She stopped me mind sentence. I waited for her to continue. She sighed on the other end. “Namjoon… I don’t think… I don’t think we should continue to be together…” “What?” I paused. “Just tell me where you’re at, so we can talk about this in person…” “I can’t do that…” I could hear her holding back tears. “Why not?” I inquired. “Because I’m afraid that if I see you in person, I’ll change my mind…”
I could hear her struggling with herself on the other end of the phone. “I really can’t do this anymore…” “(Y/n) please just tell me where you’re at,” I pleaded. “No, I’m sorry. I just can’t…” and with that she hung up the phone. Anger was boiling over in my head, and without thinking I punched the wall. My clenched fist was now about a few inches into the dry wall.
Jin’s POV:
I was sitting in front of (Y/n) as she got off the phone. She was in tears and everyone in the café that we sat in front of were starting to stare. I pull her into a hug. “Please tell me I just did the right thing,” she cried into my chest. My mind was racing on whether I should tell her the truth or not…
I waited for her to calm down a bit, which was about half an hour, before I said “I think you guys just need a break… to figure stuff yourselves out and figuring out what you want to do next…” She looked up a me, it heart broke seeing her eyes filled with tears, and she nodded. “Thank you, Jin. I really needed the support.” “No problem, that’s what friends are for…” I replied as my heart ached with her. I could never hurt my friends by tearing them apart, even if I hurt even worse seeing them together and constantly fighting… especially since one of them is my first love...
Namjoon’s POV:
I called her again and again as I frantically ran out of the office. I walked all over the city, trying to figure out where she would be. I finally find myself across the street of a café close to the office. I stared as Jin let her use his shoulder to cry on and him holding her. I could see how he comforted her... something that I have never done for her before. My heart ached at the sight of them, but I didn’t feel angry like I did earlier… I felt relieved that someone could comfort her.
(Y/n)’s POV:
Practice went on as usual without any distractions. It has been a few days since the break and I haven’t heard anything from Namjoon. I even passed him in the hall at work and he didn’t bother me. It felt weird, like we never were together. I felt empty, like there was a piece of me missing. After practice I called Jin to distract me. “Um… Sure,” He replied sounding a bit reluctant. We met at a park a few blocks from the office. I had gotten there first and sat on the swing away from all of the children running around playing. “Are you, okay?” asked a familiar voice behind me. I turned and it was Jin.
“Yeah, just a bit confused and frustrated.” “Why?” he asked taking the swing next to me. “Things have been a bit weird lately…” “Like how?” “Well, there have been no calls from Namjoon, no protest at work when we bumped into each other, no nothing…” I replied. “I think he’s just trying to give you some space…”
“I don’t know anymore… I feel glad to be done with the fighting and the arguing, but… I feel like there’s this whole that I can’t seem to fill…” I sat on the swing going off into my own little world when a little boy, about seven years old, comes running by. “Hello, Are you (Y/n)?” He asked. I smiled as he pulled me from my daze. “Why, yes, I am and who might you be?” “Your biggest fan!” I laughed and ruffled his hair. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you…” “Can I have your autograph?” “Sure,” I pulled a pen and pad out of my purse and signed it ‘To my biggest fan, Love (Y/n)’ and handed to him. He took off back to the playground. I looked over a Jin who was staring at me. “What? Do I have something on my face?” I touched my face. He laughed saying “No, It’s just that… I thought I was your biggest fan…” “Ha ha very funny,” I replied hitting is shoulder playfully and he smiled. “What? We are good friends after all…” he said.
Jin’s POV:
As I got back to the dorm, Namjoon stopped me at the door. “Hey,” “Hey, What’s up? You’ve been avoiding me for the past couple of days…” I asked him. “I just want to say that… I would be okay if you and (Y/n) are together…” He looked depressed just saying those words. “Look, Namjoon, it’s nothing like that… (Y/n) and I are just friends… She’s just… trying to pull herself together right now, she’s going through a rough time right now…” I insisted. “She’s going through a rough time? What about me… huh? Every part of me aches every time I see her... because I can’t be with her… and she’s going through a rough time?!” His voice got louder as he continued. Tears are in his eyes now, “Namjoon,” I said grabbing his shoulder, trying to console him, but he shrugged me off “I don’t need your sympathy…” He stormed off to his room and I heard his door slam down the hall. I signed in frustration “What am I going to do?” I looked at the guys who were in the living room, and they were obviously trying to stay out of it…
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