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Min Sung Wook is a very good actor who always finds a way to make me laugh. I have been having a hard time but I was always looking forward to watch his dramas. I liked his character in Pinocchio the most. He was funny and he even got his own fan in the end. He also taught her how to wear the hairband LOL. The dramas that I have seen him in are I Miss You, I Remember You/Hello Monster and Pinoccho.
I also like Lee Pil Mo a lot. You can see that he enjoys acting and I hope to see more of him soon. I liked his character in Who Are You School: 2015 the most. I really wnted to have him as my teacher when I was watching the drama. I was sad when he left the school in the drama. I have seen him in Emergency Couple, Pinocchio and Who Are You School:2015.
I always like the characters that Kim Kwang Kyu plays. I liked him the most in Boarding House 24. He was a father who was desperately looking for his child and there was also a lot of (sometimes bad) humor added. I saw him in Pinocchio, Can You Hear My Heart, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Boarding House 24.
I am sure that more than 70% of Kdrama lovers know him. He has acted in a lot of dramas and movies. I always disliked him because he always played the role of a villain but I also had a lot of respect for him. He really knows how to make you angry and it takes a good actor to be able to do that. Like I said before, I always disliked him untill I saw him in Jang Bo Ri Is Here. He was so kind to his daughter and I became a little jealous. I really wished that I also had those father-daughter moments and same goes for his grandchild. they were so cute together (wow, I never taught that I would call him cute but it's true). I really want to see him as a goofy dad more ofthen but he also plays his other roles very well. I have seen him act in My Little Bride (movie), Remember-War of the Son, Cheongdam-dong alice, I Miss You and Jang Bo Ri Is Here.
Lee Moon Sik is one of my favourites. I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching Iljimae. He taught his son how to become a real thief and I will never forget his lessons. I have seen him in Fly, Daddy, Fly (movie), Rooftop prince and Iljimae
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I love Lee Pil Mo so much, and have a crush on him. I saw him in all the same dramas you mentioned and also Another Oh Hae Young.