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2ND LEAD SYNDROME - Wanting so desperately for the lead actress of a drama to end up with the better guy, but you always know that she is going to end up with the lead bad guy in the end. Usually goes with the feelings of either wanting to curl up and cry over your ramen, knock someone's teeth in or both. I'm one to not get SLS so easily like most do. I've seen over 100 dramas but have only gotten SLS from 4 dramas. Yes there were moments I was like awe he's so sweet but I still want her with the male lead. Even still most of the time I want the female lead to end up with the male lead.


TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU (Cha Eun-gyeol played by Lee Hyun-woo) I actually liked both the male and 2nd male lead in this drama but I liked the 2nd male lead slightly more. I love Minho and was happy that he got the girl but poor Eun-gyeol. I wanted to hug him throughout this whole drama. He has the sweetest eye smile. I just can't help but melt into his eyes. His smile is everything and I liked him before he got his hair cut but when he got a haircut. I fell for him harder, he became 10 x more handsome. He stole my heart. When he found out that the female lead was actually a girl, that crushed my heart... I'll just leave it at that. But I'm glad Lee Hyun-woo was the first kdrama actor to give me SLS because he's so adorable!


PROTECT THE BOSS (Cha Mu-won played by Kim Jaejoong)


I just finished this drama 2 days ago finally, I dropped it for awhile because I kept losing interest in it but finally completed it! I always found Mu-won so attractive compared to the leading man. Sorry Ji Sung I love you but Jaejoong stole my heart in this drama. You can keep your stardom in Kill Me, Heal Me. But in this drama I couldn't help but fall for Jaejoong. He looks like a sexy cat to me, especially when he smiles. *FAINTS THINKING ABOUT IT* Although he didn't end up with the female lead which I was totally okay with he did end up with the 2nd female lead. I had more interest when the 2nd male and female characters were on screen. They were more exciting to watch and I got to see Jaejoong! I was happy he got a happy ending!


SHE WAS PRETTY (Kim Shin-hyuk played by Choi Siwon) I have 3 words to describe this character. Funny, cute dimples! He is extremely funny and my ideal type of guy has to be funny and he definitely was and that's why he was giving me SLS. I find a funny guy attractive. Although I was happy with the outcome either way for the female lead, I was really sad when she rejected Shin-hyuk. He looked so sad. Also I love dimples, I'm a sucker for dimples. I don't really like facial hair unless than can pull it off. Siwon is the one actor that I find attractive with facial hair rather than shaved. He looks like a baby with no facial hair but a hunk with facial hair. And then when he smiles his dimples pop out from the facial hair! I just loved him so much!


WHO ARE YOU: SCHOOL 2015 (Gong Tae-Kwang played by Yook Sungjae)


This cutie was irresistible and hard not to fall for. I've got people to back me up on that statement since most people got SLS from this drama, I am included in that bunch. Not that I didn't like Nam Joo-hyuk's character but he wasn't even sure what he wanted. I didn't like that either way he was able to choose whichever sister he wanted and both sisters would probably say yes to him. But no one wanted Tae-Kwang, that's what really upset me in the end. I thought to myself "It's okay Tae-Kwang, I'm right here!". XD I think Tae-Kwang gave me the worst SLS I've ever had, for once I did care who the female lead ended up with and was upset that she didn't end up with him. I just wish Tae-Kwang would've had a happy ending...


Heirs (Kim Woo-bin) He was a jerk but was a jerk to the female lead on purpose to be the bad guy. I liked him but of course loved the male lead more. Sorry Woo-bin, I love you! Sassy Go Go (Ji Soo) I'm not a big fan of Ji Soo, some might say I'm crazy but I didn't think he was all that attractive in Sassy Go Go but when I saw him with longer hair in Doctors. I fell for him in Doctors but not in Sassy Go Go. I instantly fell in love with the male lead, he was so cute. You're Beautiful (Kang Shin-woo as Jung Yong-hwa and Lee Hong-ki as Jeremy) Technically Jeremy and Shin-woo in the drama were both a love interest making them both the 2nd male leads. I loved Jeremy so much, he's adorable but I wanted to be with him and the female lead to be with the male lead. I liked Yong-hwa in Heartstrings not in this drama for some reason, he just looked like a stalker to me in this. But he looked so good in heartstrings. Boys Over Flowers (Kim Hyun Joong) I couldn't bring myself to fall for Hyun Joong's character in this drama. BOF's was my 2nd kdrama and I still love it. Playful Kiss was the first drama I saw and it had Hyun Joong in it too but as the male lead. This is like the Yong-hwa case. I liked when he played the male lead but not a 2nd male lead. I also don't like when his hair was so long in BOF, he looked too feminine but when he cut it. I thought yay he's back. But it was too late, I had already fallen for Go Jun-pyo... There are many other's as well, but these are the really popular 2nd male leads right now that steal a lot of people's hearts. But I'd be sitting here forever listing all of them so I just named a few of them.
So there you have my list of 2nd male lead character's who have given me major 2nd lead syndrome.

Who was the 1st person to make you experience SLS? Who gave you the worst case of SLS? Did I name any of the guys that have given you SLS?

Let Me Know! ^.^~

You're beautiful and She was Pretty are the two that were the worst for SLS for me.
We pretty much have the same list!!! After I watched the ending to School 2015 I thought no other drama would top my list for SLS but Answer Me 1988 was the WORST case!!!!!! I'm STILL not over that ending 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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lol it happens sometimes. I'm watching him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds right now, the last episode and he's so adorable.
You're Beautiful, Pretty Rain, and Boys Over Flowers gave me major sls, and To the Beautiful You. I was like "Damnit!!! I'M RIGHT HERE!!! I WANT YOU!!" 馃槀馃槀
I know right, I was the same with To The Beautiful You 馃槀
kim me hell me the worest SLS for me park syn jun
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I know that lol, but still they are legally brother and sister.
You pretty much cover all my favorite 2nd male leads 馃槉
Yay! 馃榿
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